Diablo III Warcraft Beta

This Custom Map for Warcraft 3 is a Must-See! The Diablo scenery is build into Warcraft 3. Download the Map and play Diablo 3 with the WC3 Engine!

Diablo 3 Warcraft Beta Map Download

Download Diablo III Warcraft v1.19b here! This Map gives you the feeling like playing Diablo! This is just a Beta so be aware that there might be some bugs!

Choose a hero and jump into the dungeon to start your journey! The Warcraft 3 Funmap is created by CloudWolf Studios.


Downloads: 12,184 Download-Size: 21.6 MB

Diablo Warcraft 3 Map Effects

The nice effects and quests let you feel like it is a different game.

This is a good try of a Masterpiece what is possible with the Warcraft 3 Editor! You can play it solo or host it online to play it with other players.

Checkoout the awesome gameplay, it is a really good Warcraft 3 RPG Map! x3

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What do u think about the game style? 😀

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