Warcraft 3 Green Circle TD Free Map Download

Green Circle TD is a team tower defense. The creeps spawn and want to reach their destination. Your mission is to stop them and to save all your lifes!

Warcraft 3 Green Circle TD Map Download:

In Green Circle TD v9.9 the creep waves spawn in the corners.
They run in circles to the center! If they reach the center and you leak you get -1 Life every time!

Downloads: 401,960 Download-Size: 3.7 MB

Green Circle Tower Defense Features

green-circle-td-mapTo win Green Circle TD in the late game you should team up with your allies. Choose the best positions for resisting and not the position where you get the most kills. Where your worker starts, there is a recommended place if no player leaves. Green Circle TD 9.9 is the stable classic version. It’s the most favored version of Green Circle TD!

Green Circle TD Guide and all Waves:

Green Circle TD starts very easy but is hard to master. Are you able to play through?
WC3 Green Circle TD Heroes

Green Circle TD Towers
Try Green Circle TD now, download & play.
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Cheers and GL&HF ????

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