Delay Reducer 2.4.2 Download for Warcraft 3 TFT (New)

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+++ DELAY REDUCER 2.4.2 +++We finally made it able for you to download version 2.4.2 again!

Common problem: Chrome marks the file as evil, but it’s clean. You can mark it as safe or use another browser.

Delay Reducer Version 2.4.2 Download:

The tool can reduce the ping and delay of Warcraft 3 games to a minimum latency to give all players the same values, which allows playing fair games.

Get the Delay Reducer 2.4.2 Download here:

Features of the W3DR Tool:

The Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer 2.4.2 can do the following things:

  • Reduce the latency in Warcraft 3 to a better value (the Default value of Warcraft 3 is 250). With the delay reducer many WC3 players have no more lags and a better latency.
  • Includes Mousetrap
  • Includes a Countdown Modifier

Playing with a better ping makes it able to win more games!

W3DR Commands for Delay Control and Coundtown:

!dr 5050ms delay
!cd 10Countdown 10s
!mtTraps/Untraps the mouse if you play Warcraft in window mode.
!xExits the tool.

Tip: Rightclick on the tool and run it as an administrator.

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Works, Thank you!!

Delay Reducer Download for Warcraft 3 TFT (W3DR)

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This works in new patch? (1.31 – 05/31/2019)