Welcome Warcraft 3 ladder & Dota players! Here is an extensive guide, how to setup the Customkeys.txt the right way. Read on…


  • 1. What is the Customkeys.txt?
  • 2. Customkeys.txt Download ( Dota / Warcraft 3 )
  • 3. Guide howto install the Customkeys.txt
  • 4. Customkeys.txt editing Tools

Info: We published a newer Warcraft 3 Customkeys guide here, that we recommend. (WC3 Customkeys + Inventory Keys)

1. What is the Customkeys.txt?

In Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne every unit command, building and shop item has a code that can be adressed. In the Customkeys.txt you can bind all of these commands to specific keys of your hardware devices (keyboard & mouse).
To these commands belong attack, move, stop, hold position, patrol, all spells and so on.
In Warcraft 3 it is advantageous to feel confident to know every key of every command. Like this you can act faster inside the game, with less effort. The Customkeys.txt binds all keys on QWER to simplify and step up your gameplay.

In fact there are three main types of customkey configurations: Qwertz, Qwerty and Azerty. These things depend on the keyboard of the different countries and the need of the player. The QWER settings won the most recognition and it is just the best config, your hand has to move less and the item keys 1-6 are reachable perfectly. This fits great together to play Dota and Warcraft 3 on a high level with a good customized Customkeys.txt.

Once you have learned all of the keys by heart your skill and your APM (Actions per Minute) will increase. For skilled players APM is an important value.

2. Download Customkeys.txt

Customkey.txt GuideThere are different Hotkeys for different usage. Here you can download QWER Customkeys.txt for Dota Allstars and for the Warcraft 3 ladder. Dota has many different heroes and custom spells, as well as items and shops. These things need a precise configuration particular for Dota. There are even more Customkeys settings for RGC Dota. Check the different Hotkey solutions in our archive.

Here is the Customkeys.txt Download for Dota and Warcraft 3:

Dota/RGC Customkeys.txt (QWER)260,800 DownloadsDownload
Warcraft 3 ladder Customkeys.txt (QWER)345,201 DownloadsDownload

3. How to install the Warcraft 3 Dota Customkeys.txt? (Guide)

In the past years, many many people had some issues installing the Customkeys.txt.

Good news: Installing the Dota QWER Cusotmkeys.txt Hotkeys is really simple. Here is a guide where you have to paste the downloaded Customkeys.txt:

Step 1: Download the Dota Customkeys.txt (click on of the Download buttons on top and get the keys for Warcraft 3 or Dota).

Step 2: Copy the Customkeys.txt into your Warcraft 3 folder:

The new way:
Just copy the Customkeys.txt file into: C:/Documents/Warcraft-III/CustomkeyBindings
Warcraft 3 Hotkeys Installation

The old way:
Copy the Customkeys.txt file into: C:/Programs/Warcraft-III
WC3 Customkey Guide - How to Install

Step 3: Check the box inside the Warcraft 3 > Settings > Gameplay Options.
Customkeys.txt Warcraft 3 Settings

After that, restart Warcraft 3 and test if your QWER Hotkeys work! bizeps bling

Any problems? You can ask anything in the comment section and we will try to help you! 8)

4. Customkeys.txt editing Tools

The basic Customkeys.txt is limited in it’s functions as it does not allow great item inventory Hotkeys by default. Also maps like Dota get further development and in many cases also the Customkeys.txt file has to be updated.

Here are the best Hotkey Tools, depending on your needs:

Recommended Customkeys.txt tools:

More tools:

If you need any help, tell your question and we will help you!
Have fun playing!

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brendan baker
brendan baker

Hey was wondering where do you find what each hero is mapped to? I want to make hotkeys for certain heroes that are in custom games that are not warcraft. Any idea where i could find that?


what about for items?


hello together. do you have new custom hotkeys with spells on yxcv for the patch 1.30. my problem is that spiritwalker is now not available in spirit lodge anymore, now in totem tauren. that means the inner game code is another. in the old customy keys the command was [ospm]. now i cant change the hotkey how i want it doesnt work. and also other things you have new places. i dont know the place command line in the warcraft game data, thats the prob.


on which server can be played


thank you very much


not work for invoker


the hotkeys still doesnt work i tried everything and the keys just wont bind to anything