Warcraft 3 General Map

The Funmap Warcraft 3 General Map is a crazy anime hero arena with freaking huge visual effects.

Warcraft 3 General Map Download

Pick a hero from Naruto or Dragonball Z and level up!

Get better weapons and stats to get stronger. 😀

The spell and ability effects in this map are just awesome and crazy, it makes a lot of fun. 🙂

Download Warcraft 3 General Map 18.0a and start to play!

Download Downloads: 490,416 Download-Size:31.7 MB

Warcraft 3 General Map Anime Heroes

Warcraft 3 General Map Download

General Map is a fantastic Warcraft 3 Map where you can pick one of a lot of known anime heroes.

If you love anime Warcraft 3 maps check our archive.

In Warcraft 3 General Map each hero got special effects and good abilities.
First pick a Hero in one of the taverns:
Warcraft 3 General Map Screenshot
General Map Effects

Warcraft 3 General Map Features

It’s good to pick a melee hero because they are stronger and have a good armor too.

If you play Warcraft 3 General Map in a team you can do good by picking melee and ranged heroes together. 😉 General Map is played by many asians and not so famous in europe or usa. But even if you haven’t heard about General Map yet, give it a try: It’s a fast map with good game mechanics and nice abilities. Have Fun playing! 🙂

Here I picked Inuyasha:

General Map Anime Heroes

Good luck and Have Fun! 😀

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this is crazy 😀