Warcraft 3 Wintermaul Map Download

The Warcraft 3 Map Wintermaul is an icy team tower defense! 🙂

Warcraft 3 Wintermaul Download:

The tower defense map Wintermaul for Warcraft 3 really makes fun, I love to maze the tower walls with my friends, or to get more kills than the other players!
The Creeps spawn and want to reach your base, it is your mission to stop them to run through the Ice World of Wintermaul.

At the start you can choose a race with your builder and then you start to get towers.
Try to get the maximum kills out of each wave, if you do that there is no need for stealing from others. xD

Download Downloads: 182,432 Download-Size: 536.8 KB

This is what the Wintermaul Map looks like:
Warcraft 3 Map Wintermaul

Wintermaul Quick Guide:

There are many different Wintermaul and Wintermaul Wars versions I have uploaded Wintermaul X3 here which I think is the Best!
The Tips and the Screenshots are not exactly from this version but you can do it in any Wintermaul. 😉

It is important to build a good tower maze! In this Maze the Creeps must walk as long as possible so that your towers can shoot often.
On these 2 Pictures you can see how you can build your Maze for example. You can build a hook or a spiral to let the Creeps walk a long way.

Simple Wintermaul Starting Hook to abuse Creep Way Points:

This is one way how you can build a good Wintermaul tower maze. The creeps come have to reach the green circle before they can move on, you have to exploit this:
Wintermaul maze

A WC3 Wintermaul Spiral Maze:

Wintermaul guide
Wintermaul X3 tower defense

Have Fun Playing! 😉 Share and Comment! 😀

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4 years ago

Hi Beliar, awesome! Great website you got. I will repost your new map.