Dota Ai 6.67b Download

After a long time a new Dota Ai Map has been released:
Dota 6.67b is out and ready to download! 😀

One of the new Dota Ai developers called “Harreke” took the time to update the Warcraft 3 Dota Ai Map that “BuffMePlz” has edited before.
There is also an updated version called Dota Ai 6.67b Rev2d which is the last version of the 6.67b series before Dota 6.67c Ai!!! bizeps

DotA Version:Dota Ai 6.67b and Dota Ai 6.67b Rev2d
Filename 1:DotA Allstars v6.67b AI.w3x
Filename 2:DotA Allstars v6.67b Rev2d AI.w3x
Release Date:2012
Map Size:6.8 MB

Download Dota Ai 6.67b

Dota Ai Map Download 6.67bGet the latest Download of Dota Ai 6.67b and Dota Ai 6.67b Rev2d.

The Bot behavior or the Ai has been updated and the players now behave even better, they can gank, chase and attack like intelligent people, without pushing too much. The updates are really great! crown
Dota 6.67b Download: Download

Dota 6.67b Rev2d Download:Download

DotA Ai 6.67b and 6.67b Rev2d Changelog

Dota Ai Map 6.67bWhat is new in Dota 6.67b (and Rev2d)?

  • Many Hero Spell Changes
  • Some game modes and game commands in Dota Ai 6.67b have been temporarily disabled because of some misfunctions, they will be updated in the next version.
  • Many item changes, pricing and balancing.
  • Syllabear complete Ai rework.
  • Some bug fixes.
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2 months ago

thank you

2 years ago

seria muito bom se voces fizece o warcraft 4 e frozen trone

2 years ago

muinto bom parabens continuem fazendo dota para warcraft 3