Warcraft 3 Viewer

With the tool Warcraft 3 Viewer you can edit Warcraft 3 models and skins! The number one modding tool in the Warcraft 3 scene! Change whatever you want. 😀 Great tool for makers and editors of maps. 🙂

Warcraft 3 Viewer Download

This is the latest version of the software:

The Warcraft 3 Viewer v2.3c Download from The Prophet.

This modding tool gives endless possibilities to customize models and textures.
Download Downloads: 106,748 Download-Size: 4.1 MB

Features of the Warcraft 3 Viewer

The Warcraft 3 Model Viewer gives the power to view models and skins, export them and convert textures! You can view and edit units, buildings, spells, and all 2D and 3D objects from Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne & you can make file conversions.
Wc3 custom viewer

The features include:

  • Display MDX and BLP files
  • Export MDX or BLP files from the MPQ
  • Convert images like BMP, JPG, TGA to BLP files
  • Convert BLP back to an image file (BMP, JPG, TGA)
  • Choose quality and depth settings during conversion and saving
  • Choose to view different .MPQ files (Such as War3.mpq and War3x.mpq)

Installation Guide for the Warcraft 3 Viewer

  • Step1: Download the Warcraft 3 Viewer
  • Step2: Launch the application
  • Step3: Choose the War3.MPQ file in the Warcraft 3 folder (or the War3x.MPQ for the extension of Wc3)
  • Step4: In the window ‘Contents of War3.MPQ’ expand some items to browse the War3.MPQ (click on the items)
  • Step5: Move and view the choosen file:
    • Rotate the object with the left mouse and move the cursor
    • Scale the object with the left and right mouse button at the same time (or the mouse wheel)
  • Step6: Start Modding! 🙂

Info: This tool does not display non MDX or BLP files like .TGA or .WAV that are included in the MPQ.
Warcraft 3 Viewer Tool

How to open expansion skins in the War3 Model Viewer?

If you want to open expansion skins ith the Warcraft 3 Model Viewer you have to open the war3x.mpq just click on ‘Data’, ‘Open MPQ’ browse your WC3 folder and open the war3.mpq data!
Like this you can edit all Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne expansion skins.

Warcraft 3 Model Viewer Screenshots

Here are some previews and screenshots of the software tool War3 Viewer. 🙂
Warcraft 3 Viewer Screenshot
Warcraft 3 Model Viewer

Do you like the W3 Model Viewer?
Hope you got it working it needs a bit time, but if you got it is great! 😀

Warcraft 3 Viewer Updates

Any pros here for using this tool?
Maybe you can help writing a good tutorial?
Comment below or email me: kexcom@hotmail.com. 🙂

Enjoy my friends!!

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2 years ago

still works just use files from CD. or if you don’t have it just download the War3.MPQ/War3x.MPQ I downloaded both from moddb (~400/560MB) but they are easily findable elsewhere too.

3 years ago

Doesn’t work anymore. Thanks Reforged