Pudge Wars Download

Warcraft 3 Pudge Wars

Pudge Wars is a Warcraft 3 minigame, where two opposing teams fight against each other.

Warcraft 3 Pudge Wars Download

Download Pudge Wars v2.03d here for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne. Achieve victory by scoring a certain amount of enemy kills or win more rounds in a certain time.

Pudge is one of the coolest characters of Dota and with the spell “meat hook” go and catch ur enemies or save friends! 😀


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In Pudge Hook Wars two teams are sepperated by a river in the middle. Every player controls one fat Pudge! Achieve the Victory by scoring a defined amount of KILLS or ROUNDS! Pudge Wars is a really nice WC3 fun game! By getting kills you get stronger! You get gold that you can use in the side shops to buy items.

Pudge Wars – Warcraft 3 Oldschool Funmap

Pudge Wars Warcraft 3 Map PreviewThe Warcraft 3 Map Pudge Wars is one of the most famous maps of Warcraft 3 and many players love it! Try it out and lead your team to the victory!

Your team score is counted together and the team that reaches the target amount of Kills or Rounds first, wins the match. This is a great training map if you are a dota pudge player!!! 😀

The hooks can be upgraded for speed and for range. Hooks bounce from walls, you can use this to hit enemies surprisingly. But even random wall bounces happen very often in Pudge Wars

If two hooks from two players move across and a Pudgy is between, this player dies by HEADSHOT (even if its a teamkill)!

Hook for your life!!! 😎

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