Naruto Castle Defense Download

Naruto Castle Defense

On the Warcraft 3 Map Naruto Castle Defense you play your favorite Naruto hero and the battle starts! It is a very nice Warcraft 3 hero defense map with many waves to play! 🙂

Warcraft 3 Naruto Castle Defense Map Download


Downloads: 936 Download-Size: 7.7 MB

You can download the funmap Warcraft 3 Naruto Castle Defense here. This is version 20.0 and its better than Naruto Castle Defense v6.1 or Naruto Castle Defense v6.9.
If you know the anime Naruto and the Story you will find the same abilities which are really great designed. When the Warcraft 3 Mod starts you can choose a mode of the difficulty and how long the game will take. Then prepare for the first wave and defend your naruto castle!

Naruto Castle Defense Gameplay

Tip: type ‘hg’ into the chat to be instantly teleported to your castle. When the first wave starts, naruto music is played.
Naruto Castle Defense Warcraft 3 Map
Naruto Castle Defense is not so easy you need a bit train to get through this, at first start with an easy difficulty. Have Fun Playing! 😉

Time to defend the castle! 😀

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