Fog Click Detector

With this Warcraft 3 Tool you can reveal players that have maphack! The Fog Click Detector will find them, lets hunt the Hackers and don’t let them sleep peaceful!

Fog Click Detector Download

The Warcraft 3 Fog Click Detector is for all who want to check if someone uses maphack or not!
Download the latest version here and read the intallation guide above!

Warcraft 3 Fog Click Detector Download:

Downloads: 36,984 Download-Size: 37.9 KB

Warcraft 3 Fog Click Detector Requirements

To use the Fog Click Detector you need to have the Dota Replay Manager. The Fog click Detector enables you to find clicks of players that should not be possible! You can use it for Dota Replays or normal Warcraft 3 Replays.

Fog Click Detector Screenshot

Installation of the Fog Click Detector

  • Make sure you got the Dota Replay Manager
  • Download the Fog Click Detector and extract it to the same folder as the Replay Manager.
  • Put the correct directory of your replay folder in the Replay folder box and click update.
  • Click on the Replay Tab and check the Log actions box at the bottom. It will only work if it is checked.

How to Use the Fog Click Detector

The Usage needs a few steps but its not too hard, if you have question make a comment.

  • Open a Replay in the Dota Replay Manager
  • Go to Windows Commands (press WINDOWS_KEY + R) and type cmd
  • Now enter your replay manager directory in the command box. Insert this: cd “C:\Insert\PathDirectory\Here\” and replace your actual path directory inside the double quotes.
    (To skip this step in the future, make a shortcut of command prompt and right click it –> properties. Put your Dota Replay parser directory path in the “Start In” box)
  • Now type “enemy_click.exe log.txt” without the double quotes and hit enter.
  • Type in the time you want to check enemy clicks up until using the format mm:ss
  • You will then be asked if you want to check enemy clicks for just 1 player, type y or yes, anything else will exit the program.
  • If you chose yes, enter the player slot number of the person you want to check (1 = blue … 10 = brown)
  • Type in the time you want to check enemy clicks up until using the format mm:ss. Type “all” if you want to see all the clicks of that person (up to 99:59).
  • To check another Dota replay, just open up another replay – pressing the up arrow key in the terminal windowm will bring back your last command, then press enter.

Find and Slave Hackers!


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Big Buttocks
Big Buttocks
5 years ago

If anyone found these to be one of the only google search sites for MH Detector and couldn’t find anything else, read on.
This version is broken. It’s been updated to 1.7.0 as well as the Dota Replay Manager to 3.0.2d, but not on this site for some reason. Perhaps these tools are forgotten?

Fog Click Detector 1.7 –
Dota Replay Manager 3.0.2d –

Use readme files for navigation through the program.

5 years ago

làm cái clip hướng dẫn đc k? đc thì tks nhìu!

5 years ago

I didn’t succeed to make work this mh detector, some tips ?

5 years ago

co video huong dan thi ngon

6 years ago


Yu Zhu
Yu Zhu
8 years ago

it says “enemy_click.exe log.txt is not recognizable as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” Please be a bit more specific in your steps, i really want to get this fog click detector.