Warcraft 3 Styler

The Tool Warcraft 3 Styler is a cool program to customize your Warcraft 3 Game!

Warcraft 3 Styler Download

Get your Warcraft 3 Styler Download here:

Downloads: 45,672 Download-Size: 42.8 MB

Warcraft 3 Styler Features

With the Warcraft 3 Styler you can easily change Warcraft 3:

  • You can Change the Warcraft 3 Menu Background
  • You can change the Warcraft 3 Ingame Interface
  • Change the Warcraft 3 Music with any MP3 Files

Warcraft 3 Styler Installation

The Warcraft 3 Styler is very easy to use and needs no Installation.
Before starting the 5 Steps close Warcraft 3.

  • 1. Download the Warcraft 3 Styler
  • 2. Unzip the File it and Run the Wc3styler.exe
  • 3. Select the Background you wish or upload your own (they must be in the Size 1024×768)
  • 4. Click on “To all Races” or choose a specific Race
  • 5. Start Warcraft 3 and test the Changes 😎

Preview of the Tabs of the Warcraft 3 Styler:

Megan Fox as Wc3 Background? No Problem 😀 What do you use as Background Image?

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