Warcraft 3 Day of the Dragon – Free Campaign Download

Day of the Dragon is a custom campaign for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne.

Day of the Dragon Campaign Download for Warcraft 3:

Warcraft 3 Day of the Dragon is a multi map campaign. The story is based on the book Day of the Dragon written by Richard A. Knaak inside the Warcraft world. The time plays between the Warcraft 2 Addon and Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos. So it is like the story before Warcraft 3!
The Day of the Dragon campaign is really extensive with 15 different big maps. 4 of these maps are cinematic like a video sequence for the story line. It is done really lovely. The maps contain many many optional stuff like the extra map 15 which you only reach if you complete all optional quests as a bad guy. 😀
Download Downloads: 150K+
Download-Size: 100MB

Day of the Dragon Installation Guide (How to Play):

Warcraft book - Day of the Dragon

  • Download the Day of the Dragon campaign file
  • Copy the file into your Warcraft 3 campaigns folder without renaming it.
  • Start the game and go to Single Player > Custom Campaign

Info: This is tested with Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne v1.27 if you have an older or newer version get the Warcraft 3 Version Switcher.

Warcraft 3 Day of the Dragon Features:

  • Warcraft 3 Day of the Dragon is free to play!
  • 4 cinematic maps and 11 single-player maps with RPG and RTS gameplay.
  • The story is based on the novel ‘Day of the Dragon’ where the human mage Rhonin helps the Dragons against the Deathwing.
  • Select a class (7 heroes with custom skills)
  • Morality system for optional quests
  • Day of the Dragon has alternate endings for multiple playtroughs
  • High quality terrain & cinematics, very unique objectives
  • Lore-heavy, canonical storyline, following the events of WarCraft II

Warcraft 3 Day of the Dragon Walktrough

General tips:

  • The most useful tip: Read all dialogues and hints
  • Each level hides one powerful artifact

Prologue – Visions of War

The Campaign is created with so much details! Let’s start with some tips for the walktrough.
Day of the Dragon Prologue
Wc3 DOTD Screenshot

Day of the Dragon Chapter 1: Road to Hasic

  • The kid’s cloak can help you in difficult situations.
  • Buy items with gold.

Day of the Dragon Chapter 1

Day of the Dragon Chapter 2: Torn Apart

  • Divert the peons fromn the burrows with the Sleep Arrow or Khaz’goroth’s Hammer.
  • Let the ogers in peace and sneak by them.

Day of the Dragon Chapter 3: Kill Kryll

  • Don not damage Kryll too much. Just hit him once.
  • Take care of the steam tanks.

Day of the Dragon Chapter 4: Goblin Island

Day of the Dragon - Goblin Island

  • Three frogs per switch are enough.
  • Sell the stones from the fire pit.

Day of the Dragon Chapter 5: The Great Aspects

  • Get the three Items to activate the sub-maps.
  • The needed items for the optioanl quests are in Krasus’ room.

Day of the Dragon Chapter 6: Behind Enemy Lines

  • Get gold from attacking orks.
  • Build up an army before going to the next town. Leave a few units and a hero back at each base. The optional quests provide more units/gold.

Day of the Dragon Chapter 7: The Belly of the Beast

  • Try to lose no units early!
  • Use Krasus’ and Deathwing’s Medallion as much as possible.

Day of the Dragon Chapter 8: The Battle of Grim Batol

  • Protect the base with many towers. Wall the towers withh tents & other buildings.
  • Don’t attack too fast, concentrate on building a full supply army then you can go!
  • Deathwing heals over time, so act quickly. Nozdormu’s Steal-Item will help you heal you aspects. Alexstrasza will do that later. Malygos just has to provide enough mana. Sleep and Mindfrost are effective defensive measures.

Day of the Dragon Epilogue Dragon Tranquility & The Purified Realm

The purified Realm

Warcraft 3 Day of the Dragon Screenshot:

Day of the Dragon Screenshot

Warcraft 3 Custom Campaign: Day of the Dragon

Credits go to OutsiderXE for the great design & for creating such a huge campaign.

Completing something like this needs a lot of effort. Leave a comment if you played the Day of the Dragon campaign and tell how you like it. 🙂

OutsiderXE took 1.5 years to finish this. Have fun playing. 🙂

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6 months ago

hello. can I GET the file downloader?

Li Miao
Li Miao
4 years ago

Version 1.28 here. Does not work for me. I pasted the file into the campaign folder without changing the name, but when I open the game, I couldn’t find it in custom camp

4 years ago

i cant find the custom campaign folder
any suggestions???

4 years ago
Reply to  Renee

Check the public folder

4 years ago
Reply to  Lems

In the documents