Bleach vs One Piece

Bleach vs One Piece

Bleach vs One Piece is an epic Warcraft 3 Map where the two anime teams Bleach characters and One Piece characters fight against each other!

Bleach vs One Piece Download

On start you have to choose one of 30 anime characters of the Bleach anime world or one of the One Piece anime world.

There are always two teams who fight against each other. Your hero has different spells that you can use and ugprade when leveling up. Bleach vs One Piece is a warcraft 3 map for all anime lovers! 🙂 Play 1vs1 or up to 6vs6!!!

Bleach vs One Piece Download

Version to download:
Bleach vs One Piece 13.0 (stable & updated version). The game looks really great and has nice effects! You teleport into the middle of the map and the battle starts! With the gold each player can buy strong items like the butterfly!

Downloads: 7,895 Download-Size: 7.8 MB

Warcraft 3 Map Bleach vs One Piece game modes

Characters to pick: 30
Game Modes: -ar, -np, -hs, -ds, -nd, -n3, -n5, -ne, -ns, -nr, -fh, -sh, -nh, -sc, -bh, -nf, -nw, -bo, -oo, -so
Recommended Players: 6vs6

Bleach vs One Piece vs Naruto Screenshots

Here are some nice screenshots of the game! 😀
Bleach vs One Piece Warcraft 3 Map

Bleach vs One Piece Screenshot

Bleach vs One Piece characters

Decide if you like One Piece or Bleach more and build a good team to win the game! Bleach vs One Piece has many versions but in my opinion this is the best stable version. There are a lot of strong heros, try them out and find your best! 😀

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