Warcraft 3 Reforged Human Units:

Warcraft 3 Human Peaseant Peasant5.5 (Normal)22000 (Medium)15 seconds7501
Footman Footman12.5 (Normal)42002 (Heavy)20 seconds13502
Rifleman Rifleman21 (Piercing)53500 (Medium)26 seconds205303
Warcraft 3 Knight Knight34 (Normal)83505 (Heavy)40 seconds245604
Warcraft 3 Priest Priest8.5 (Magic)2902000 (Unarmored)28 seconds135102
Sorceress Sorceress11 (Magic)3252000 (Unarmored)30 seconds155202
Spellbreaker Spell Breaker14 (Normal)6002503 (Medium)28 seconds215303
Dragon Hawkrider Dragon Hawk19 (Piercing)5753001 (Light)28 seconds200303
Gryphon Gryphon Rider50 (Magic)82500 (Light)45 seconds280704
Gyrocopter Flying Machine14.5 (Piercing)20002 (Heavy)13 seconds90301
Warcraft 3 Mortar Team Mortar Team58 (Siege)36000 (Heavy)32 seconds180703
Warcraft 3 Siege Tank Siege Engine50 (Siege)70002 (Fortified)55 seconds195603

Summons & Special Human Units:

UnitDamageHPManaArmorProductionMana Costs
Militia Militia12.5 (Normal)22004 (Heavy)45 seconds
Water Elemental Water Elemental20/35/45 (Piercing)525/675/90000/1/2 (Heavy)60 seconds125 mana
Phoenix Phoenix68 (Magic)125001 (Light)50 seconds0 mana

Warcraft 3 Reforged Orc Units:

Peon Peon7.5 (Normal)25000 (Medium)15 seconds7501
Grunt Grunt19.5 (Normal)70001 (Heavy)30 seconds20003
Warcraft 3 Headhunter Headhunter25 (Piercing)35000 (Medium)20 seconds135202
Demolisher Demolisher80.5 (Siege)42502 (Heavy)40 seconds220504
Raider Raider25 (Siege)61001 (Medium)28 seconds180403
Kodobeast Kodobeast18 (Piercing)100001 (Unarmored)30 seconds255604
Wind Rider Wind Rider40 (Pierce)57000 (Light)35 seconds265404
Batrider Batrider14 (Siege)32500 (Light)28 seconds160402
Warcraft 3 Shaman Shaman8.5 (Magic)3352000 (Unarmored)30 seconds130202
Witch Doctor Witch Doctor12 (Magic)3152000 (Unarmored)30 seconds145252
Warcraft 3 Spirit Walker Spirit Walker19.5 (Magic)5003000 (Unarmored)38 seconds195353
Warcraft 3 Tauren Tauren33 (Normal)130003 (Heavy)44 seconds280805

Summons & Special Orc Units:

UnitDamageHPManaArmorProductionMana Costs
Spirit Wolf Spirit Wolf11.5/16.5/21.5 (Normal)200/300/50000 (Heavy)60 seconds75 mana

Warcraft 3 Reforged Nightelf Units:

Warcraft 3 unit Wisp Wisp012000 (Medium)14 seconds6001
Warcraft 3 Archer Archer17 (Piercing)24500 (Medium)20 seconds130102
Warcraft 3 Hippogryph Rider Hippogryph Rider17 (Piercing)76501 (Light)290304
Warcraft 3 Huntress Huntress17 (Normal)60002 (Unarmored)30 seconds195203
Warcraft 3 Glaive Thrower Glaive Thrower44.5 (Siege)30002 (Heavy)48 seconds210653
Warcraft 3 Dryad Dryad18 (Piercing)4352000 (Unarmored)30 seconds145603
Warcraft 3 Hippogryph Hippogryph53.5 (Normal)52500 (Unarmored)30 seconds160202
Warcraft 3 Druid of the Talon Druid of the Talon12 (Magic)3002000 (Unarmored)22 seconds135202
Faerie Dragon Faerie Dragon15 (Piercing)4502000 (Light)25 seconds155252
Warcraft 3 Mountain Giant Mountain Giant34 (Normal)160004 (Medium)50 seconds4251007
Warcraft 3 Bear Druid of the Claw20.5 (Normal)4302001 (Heavy)35 seconds255804
Warcraft 3 Chimaera Chimaera75 (Magic)100002 (Light)65 seconds330705

Summons & Special Nightelf Units:

UnitDamageHPManaArmorProductionMana Costs
Treant Treant11.5/16.5/21.5 (Normal)30000 (Heavy)60 seconds125 mana
Owl Owl0Invulnerable60/90/120 seconds100/75/50 mana
Avatar of Vengeance Avatar of Vengeance30.5 (Normal)120002 (Heavy)180 seconds150 mana
Spirit of Vengeance Spirit of Vengeance19 (Piercing)0Invulnerable50 seconds

Warcraft 3 Reforged Undead Units:

Warcraft 3 Acolyte Acolyte9.5 (Normal)22000 (Medium)15 seconds7501
Warcraft 3 Ghoul Ghoul13 (Normal)34000 (Heavy)18 seconds12002
Crypt Fiend Crypt Fiend28.5 (Piercing)55000 (Medium)30 seconds215403
Warcraft 3 Gargoyle Gargoyle19.5/65.5 (Normal)41003 (Unarmored)35 seconds185302
Meat Wagon Meat Wagon79.5 (Siege)38002 (Heavy)36 seconds230504
Warcraft 3 Obsidian Statue Obsidian Statue7.5 (Magic)5506004 (Heavy)45 seconds200353
Warcraft 3 Necromancer Necromancer8.5 (Magic)3052000 (Unarmored)24 seconds145202
Banshee Banshee11 (Magic)2852000 (Unarmored)28 seconds155302
Shade Shade012500 (Medium)15 seconds001
Abomination Abomination36 (Normal)117502 (Heavy)40 seconds240704
Warcraft 3 Destroyer Destroyer20 (Normal), 35 (Magic)8504003 (Light)100505
Warcraft 3 Frost Wyrm Frost Wyrm104 (Magic)135001 (Light)65 seconds3851207

Summons & Special Undead Units:

UnitDamageHPManaArmorProductionMana Costs
Carrion Beetle Carrion Beetle8.5/16.5/24.5 (Normal)140/275/41002 (Heavy)30 mana
Skeleton Warrior Skeleton Warrior14.5 (Normal)18001 (Heavy)40/55 seconds75 mana
Skeleton Mage Skeleton Mage11.5 (Piercing)23000 (Medium)40/55 seconds75 mana
Infernal Infernal54.5 (Chaos)150006 (Heavy)180 seconds175 mana

Levels of Upkeep in Warcraft 3 – How much Gold do you get?

Upkeep LevelFood Amount/PopulationGold IncomeGold per Worker
No Upkeep0-50 Food100%+10 gold per worker
Low Upkeep51-80 Food70%+7 gold per worker
High Upkeep81-100 Food40%+4 gold per worker
The amount of units you have can reduce the income of gold a worker can get out of a gold mine. Like that another tactical layer of depht is given to the game.Decide wisely if you go over the 50 food limit and over the 80 food limit, because you will get less gold. Only do it if you have to – to be stronger in the fight. 😉

Which Warcraft 3 Units
are the Strongest?

If you had to pick single units that are the strongest in Warcraft 3 Reforged, you have to compare the amount of gold and lumber to spend as well as the food and combine it with the impact of the unit.

WC3 Strong UnitsBy comparing all units in WC3, Rifleman and Archers (or Hippogyrph Riders) would win this battle with cheap costs and high damage output, espescially if you create a critical mass of them. 😉

But if you want to get really competitive, it’s all about unit compositions:

Great unit compositions are key in Warcraft 3 Reforged to create the most powerful armies, because you can benefit from synergies.

Strongest Warcraft 3 Unit Compositions:

RaceTop Strategy
HumanOne of the strongest human unit combos is to play mass Rifleman and add Priests and Spellbreakers. You upgrade the Rifleman to 3-3 and get Inner-Fire for the Priests, which will increase the damage and armor of the army. This is superhard hard to break especially if you have a Mountainking and Paladin hero combo on top of that.
OrcA super strong orc army is often about the momentum: If you reach T2 fast after having 2-3 grunts, now invest into Raiders with web, 1 Kodo and add 2 Spirit Walkers. If you gather up to 2-3 Raiders your army is extremely dangerous. You can hunt any enemy down and pick off single units with the Web. The Kodo gives extra damage and can eat one webbed unit. The Spirit Walkers split the damage, so that you most likely lose no unit at all.
NightelfNightelfs can tech superfast: While going for a good mass of archers, you can add dryads very fast which give more sustain and they slow the enemy. Afterwards you get Mountain Giants fast and add 1-2 Fairy Dragons for the magic counter, this combination together with a Kotg is strong in all game phases (early, mid and late).
UndeadThe Undead army is having a good time when the first Obisidan Statue joins the party. A Deathknight with 5-8 Crypt Fiends and a Statue with an incoming Lich are deadly powerful and everyone is afraid of that. If you now add the Orb of Corruption on the lich, add 2-3 Abominations, got a mana and a hp statue plus one flying Destroyer vs magic, then your unit combination reaches it’s climax and you will just own any opponent! 😉

Warcraft 3 Reforged
Units Tier List:

These are the strongest Warcraft 3 Reforged units based on a unit tier list. In a tier list, the s-tier is always the strongest and each one of the following ranks is weaker or has less impact on the game like the a-rank, b-rank, c-rank and d-rank.
On the image you see all of the Warcraft 3 Reforged units defined into a unit tier level:
The higher a unit is, the more impact it has in general on winning a match in WC3 on average – it can always vary in single games.
Warcraft 3 Reforged Unit Tier ListYou can also create your tier list for the best Warcraft units on tiermaker.com.

Warcraft 3 Damage and Armor Type Calculation Table:

Whenever you want to counter your opponent with units in Warcraft 3, think about the damage and armor types.
Example: Piercing damage from units like Rifleman or Archers are extremely strong vs light armor (often air units like Wind Riders) with 200% damage, a Rifleman with 21 damage is then making 42 damage. But if the same unit is attacking medium armor it only makes 75% damage (16 damage).

Warcraft 3 Unit Stats
Attributes explained:

The following stats are all attrributes that define units in Warcraft 3 Reforged:

HPThe Health Points that a unit has.
ArmorDefines the armor of a unit with a specific amount starting with zero. Each armor point reduces the damage percentage wise.
Armor TypeThe armor types in Warcraft 3 are Unarmored, Light, Medium, Heavy, Hero and Fortified.
Mana PoolAlso units can have mana, which can be used for spells.
Active AbilitiesUnits like casters can use active spells. Example: The Sorceress can actively use “Slow”, “Invisiblity” or “Polymorph/Hex”.
Passive AbilitiesSome units have passive abilities like the Kodo Beast with the War Drums aura, which gives attack damage.
CDCD means cooldown, it describes the amount of time until a spell can be used again.
Attack DamageThe pure damage of a unit.
Attack TypeThe possible attack types in Warcraft 3 are: Normal, Piercing, Siege, Chaos, Magic and Hero damage.
Attack SpeedThe attack speed together with the damage define the dps (damage per second). The attack speed can be increased with auras and spells.
RangeEach unit can be melee or ranged and has a fixed distance in which it can attack the opponent.
CostsThe gold and lumber costs are essential, to value units and to make tactical decisions.
Food CostsEach unit creates a food cost, which has to be compensated with food buildings. Moreover the food amount has to be in control to be aware of the level of upkeep in WC3.
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☭ ج
☭ ج
8 months ago

I feel like the batrider is arguable the most underrated unit in the game. The orcs in general have the worst AA, simply making an air unit a temporarily immobile ground unit does not make them less dangerous but only vulnerable if they are trying to flee. Bat riders are cheap, can be produced quickly, and will in moments tear apart a fleet of wyrms or chimeras you name it. You have a squad of Tauren (mostt powerful melee anywhere) on the ground, their single vulnerability (air units) is resolved. If they aren’t having to kamikaze anyone, they are amazing… Read more »

Yoga WP
Yoga WP
3 years ago

Human, Orc, Night Elf and Undead are so cool and amazing.