Warcraft 3 Reforged Human Heroes:

HeroMain AttributeHPManaDamageArmorAbilities
Warcraft 3 Hero Archmage ArchmageIntelligence45028521-273
Warcraft 3 Human Mountainking Mountain KingStrength70022526-362
Warcraft 3 Human Paladin PaladinStrength65025524-344
Bloodmage Blood MageIntelligence65025524-344

Warcraft 3 Reforged Orc Heroes:

HeroMain AttributeHPManaDamageArmorAbilities
Warcraft 3 Orc Farseer FarseerIntelligence47528521-273
Warcraft 3 Orc Blademaster BlademasterAgility55024026-485
Tauren Chieftaint Tauren ChieftaintStrength72522527-372
Warcraft 3 Orc Shadow Hunter Shadow HunterIntelligence47522522-284

Warcraft 3 Reforged Nightelf Heroes:

HeroMain AttributeHPManaDamageArmorAbilities
Warcraft 3 Nightelf Keeper of the Grove Keeper of the GroveIntelligence50027020-263
Wacraft 3 Nightelf Demon Hunter Demon HunterAgility57524024-465
Warcraft 3 Nightelf Potm Priestress of the MoonAgility55022526-324
Warcraft 3 Nightelf Warden WardenAgility55022532-384

Warcraft 3 Reforged Undead Heroes:

HeroMain AttributeHPManaDamageArmorAbilities
Deathknight Death KnightStrength67525530-363
Warcraft 3 Undead Lich LichIntelligence47530025-312
Warcraft 3 Undead Cryptlord Crypt LordStrength67521031-372
Warcraft 3 Undead Dread Lord DreadlordStrength60027027-333

Warcraft 3 Reforged Neutral Heroes:

HeroMain AttributeHPManaDamageArmorAbilities
Warcraft 3 Goblin Alchemist AlchemistStrength72527028-551
Warcraft 3 Pandaren Brewmaster PandaStrength65022529-353
Warcraft 3 Naga NagaIntelligence47533029-353
Warcraft 3 Tinker TinkerIntelligence60030022-285
Warcraft 3 Firelord FirelordIntelligence47527022-284
Beastmaster BeastmasterStrength65022529-352
Pitlord PitlordStrength75021033-422
Warcraft 3 Dark Ranger Dark RangerAgility55022528-344

Which Warcraft 3 Heroes
Are The Strongest?

Strongest Heroes in 1on1:

HeroSpecial Power of this Hero
Warcraft 3 Nightelf Keeper of the Grove Keeper of the GroveKotg has the power to level up extremely fast, while beeing still dangerous with his entangle. The treants are perfect to creep and push. Kotg allows to creep up fast and push in the mid game.
Deathknight Death KnightThe Deathknight scales up with his army heavily: His Unholy Aura is game-changing with giving 30% movement speed and 1.5 HP Reg per second to all allied units. The coil is also perfect to steal creeps, kill the enemy and heal units. This hero alone boosts up every army setup.
Warcraft 3 Hero Archmage ArchmageAM is just strong, he can creep like a mad man with his waterelementals but he has also great pushing potential. The summons scale up fast and if not dispelled do tons of damage. His mana aura is giving so much mana to himself, other heroes and units that it dramatically boosts the magic power of a player.
Warcraft 3 Orc Blademaster BlademasterOut of the box the BM is the most powerful hero ever, he just slices every other hero or unit into pieces. If boosted by boots, a circlet and gloves, this hero escalates quickly and it is hard to stop him. When the Blademaster levels up he has an insane dps in a fight.

Strongest Heroes in team matches:

HeroSpecial Power of this Hero
Warcraft 3 Orc Chieftain Tauren ChieftaintIn teamgames the TC is just sick, his Endurance Aura with up to 30% movement speed and 15% attack speed is speeding up every team so much. This alone is a winning factor, but on top of that comes his insane AOE stun with up to 4 seconds. The tc is a great tank as well and if you face a level 5 TC in a team game, you start getting serious problems.
Warcraft 3 Human Mountainking Mountain KingThe MK is just taking out units with his spells. If the Mountain King has mana, he will simply do one Storm Bolt and Thunder Clap after another. Both scale up extremely and are OP. For hero nukes use the bolt, for teamfights the clap is perfect with a duration of 3 seconds and a reduced attack and mvoement speed by 50%.
Warcraft 3 Human Paladin PaladinWarcraft 3 fights are about amror and the Paladin gives up to 4.5 armor to all units with his Devotion Aura, this is so sick. Combined with defense upgrades of all players, this will increase the sustainability of the army fast. Together with an ally the Holy Light healing spell is extremey powerful. Put a TC in front and always heal him up. This just works.
Warcraft 3 Undead Dread Lord DreadlordThe Dreadlord can simply win teamgames alone. Level him up fast to level 5 and the Carrion Swarm does 200 damage, up to 1000 damage over all. This is just sick, get some mana items and potions, join a fight and take out 20-30 units just with the Dreadlord. Like that you will reach level 6 to spell the Infernal, which can dominate any fight.

Warcraft 3 Reforged Hero Tier List:

These are the strongest heroes in Warcraft 3 Reforged based on a hero tier list. The s-tier is always the strongest by far, followed by the a-rank, b-rank, c-rank and d-rank. On the image you can see all of the hero tier lists of Warcraft 3 Reforged: Warcraft 3 Hero Tier ListYou can also add hero tier lists for WC3 on tiermaker.com.

How does the Warcraft 3
Hero XP work?

You all know that only heroes which are in range get the xp, or if none is in range the xp is globally split on the map. But there’s more than that…

If you have more than one hero in an area, where units fall, the XP is split and also reduced percentage wised based on the hero level and the unit.
This is how the WC3 XP mechanics work:
If you could get 100 xp, and it has to be shared on a hero level 3 and hero level 2, they will get the following xp: hero level 3: 50 (the half of 100) * 62% = 31 xp, and the hero level 2: 50 * 70% = 35xp. That means you got 31 + 35 = 66 xp from the possible 100. If you had only creeped with the level 2 hero you would get 100*70% = 70 xp. Always do the math.

How much Creep XP do you get dependent on the Hero Level?

Hero LevelXP Percentage Gain of Creeps
Level 180%
Level 270%
Level 362%
Level 455%
Level 50%
Tip: If you have multiple heroes with different levels, always consider creeping the low hero alone, you can harass or creep with the other hero.

How much XP does Warcraft 3 Heroes need to Level up?

Level 10 XP
Level 2200 XP
Level 3500 XP
Level 4900 XP
Level 51400 XP
Level 62000 XP
Level 72700 XP
Level 83500 XP
Level 94400 XP
Level 105400 XP

How much XP do you get for a Hero Kill in Warcraft 3?

Level 1+100 XP
Level 2+120 XP
Level 3+160 XP
Level 4+220 XP
Level 5+300 XP
Level 5+400 XP
Level 7+500 XP
Level 8+600 XP
Level 9+700 XP
Level 10+800 XP

What is each Stats Attribute good for on Heroes?

As you know every hero in Warcraft 3 Reforged has a main attribute.

But what are these for and what is each stats point good for?

WC3 Stats Attribute effects:

  • Strength attributes increase the hp and hp regeneration.
  • Agility attributes increase the armor and attack speed.
  • Intelligence attributes increase the maximum mana and the mana regeneration.

How much Stats does Tomes and Items give in Warcraft 3?

Attribute BonusEffect
+1 Strength+25 maximum hp capacity, + 0.05 hp regeneration/second, +1 damage (if it’s the primary attribute)
+1 Agility+0.3 armor, +2% increased attack speed, +1 damage (if it’s the primary attribute)
+1 Intelligence+15 maximum mana capacity, +0.05 mana regeneration/second, +1 damage (if it’s the primary attribute)

Tome of KnowledgeBy having this information, try to make the most of every single game, boost your heroes, buy circlets and get all of the tomes, if a lot of attributes get combined, heroes get insanely strong!

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