Strange Struggle in the Woods Download

The Warcraft 3 Minigame Funmap called Strange Struggle in the Woods is really funny.

Strange Struggle is created by ArOn.

What is the map about?
Strange Struggle in the Woods is a Wc3 funmap for 4 players. Two players vs two, or one vs one. The main goal is to destroy the enemy castle. But to reach that you need a good strategy and game plan.

In Strange Struggle you pick a hero, build units and buy items and extra strategy skills.

Warcraft 3 Map:Strange Struggle in the Woods
Filename:Strange Struggle in The Woods v1.1.w3x
Map Size:3.5 MB

Warcraft 3 Strange Struggle Map Download

First pick your game modes, which are listed below, then Strange Struggle in the Woods starts!

Now you can move on creeping mobs and capture special bonus areas!

Discover the map and try to find out what is the best way to win vs the enemy team. The map Strange Struggle has a lot of little things which make it really fun to play.

Strange Struggle Version 1.1 is the best one.

Here is the Warcraft 3 Strange Struggle in the Woods v1.1 Download: Download

Strange Struggle in the Woods Game Modes and Gameplay

At the start of the Warcraft 3 Map Strange Struggle in the Woods you can pick a game mode.
All pick, all random, start upgrade (Normal) and start upgrade (Level 1).
Moreover you can choose experience rate of 300% or 150%. Another point to choose is G and J (Normal) or G and J (X2).

Be careful with the difficulty of the Strange Struggle game modes!

But they make all a lot of fun. 😉