Warcraft 3 Screenshots

I created new quality screenshots for Warcraft 3 (2016/2017) so we have modern images from the game.
You can use all images for free and for whatever you want. 🙂 All images are created in 1920×1200 pixel.

GL & HF my friends 😀

These are the categories:

Big Fights & Clashes Warcraft 3 Screenshots

1on1 Screenshots

The Orcs

The Humans

The Humans are my favorite race. 😉

The Elfs

The Undeads

Loading Screens & Maps in Wc3

“KEVIN_DER_BESTE” (ME :D) vs the stupid hacker of the european (Northrend) Server “Newplayer123”

The Warcraft 3 Public and Clan chat

Warcraft 3 ingame profile screenhots

Stupid Hacker:

Mass Gamer:

Warcraft 3 Tournament screenshots

Here I lost, because the enemy had more gold harvested:

W3ARENA Wc3 screenshots

W3arena Website:

W3arena Solo 1on1 Top 15

Other Fun Images from Warcraft 3

Teamkillers everywhere in Wc3 4on4 RT:

No statistics in my profile cause of a ladder reset:

Warcraft 3 Hacker & Cheater Screenshots

Dischack in 2on2 AT:

More Warcraft 3 Images: Warcraft 3 Wallpaper