Warcraft 3 Element TD Map Download (Tower Defense) Best Version

Welcome, on this page you can find the Warcraft 3 Element TD map download.Element TD is one of the best and most famous warcraft tower defense maps.

What is Element TD for Warcraft 3 and how to play it?

Element TD has depth and is well balanced and has much more to learn than other Warcraft 3 tower defense games!element-td-screenshotChoosing the right elements and combine them well is the key to win! Element TD is a clever and good balanced map where you have to decide which elements you will combine.

Each element is strong vs one, and weak vs another. Up to 8 Players can play the game, and you have to protect your own base. You must stop the incoming creep hordes with your towers. If you Leak you lose a life! If you lost all your lifes you lose the game. To play Element TD just download the map below and play it as a custom game within WC3.

Element TD Survivor Elements List:

  • Normal Towers
  • Fire Element Towers
  • Nature Element Towers
  • Earth Element Towers
  • Light Element Towers
  • Dark Element Towers
  • Water Element Towers

Warcraft 3 Element TD Map Download:

In the Warcraft 3 tower defense map Element TD you build towers and protect your shrine agaisnt the creeps!
At start you have 50 lives and if 50 creeps pass their way you are dead!
There are some basic towers for the start but the main towers are the element towers.
At start you can choose one element for free! For beginners fire is a good way to go! 🙂

Downloads: 144,424 Download-Size: 7.4 MB

Easy Guide: How to win in Element TD?

There are many strong combinations of towers that you can use in Element TD like the Nature and Light or Water and Earth combo. Every 5 waves you get another elemental that you can summon.

In Element TD it’s important to lose no lifes in the early stages, and to get strong towers fast. You don’t need 30 or 40 towers, you should manage to stay at 5-10 towers in the first minutes. Level up your elementals and create great synergies.

Element TD map thumbnail image:

Have Fun playing =)

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Anyone get this DL to work? it don’t work for me and I wanna play so bad

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