Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30

EVERYTHING ABOUT THE NEW PATCH! Ladieeees and Gentlemeeeeeeeen, Blizzard pronounced Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30! x33

Yes, it is real, yes I also jumped around like a little kid! 😀
Oh my freaking god, we are so glad that this is happening! xo xo xo

After the ultimate Warcraft 3 Patch 1.29, which was the first in the new decade, here is the second part, which comes in really fast after the previous one:

The Blizzard Senior Producer Pete Stilwell posted the news into the Warcraft Blizzard forums and unleashed the news to the world! It is really surprising that the patch is so big, the changes will have a high impact on the game and the balancing! The balancing has more an impact for the high level players of warcraft 3 and of course for 1on1 matchups. Battle.net RT matches will not be affected too hard.

And what we all know: This could be just a new step into the direction of an ultimate Warcraft 3 “Remastered”…

The patch now brings mixed feelings for us:
My first impression is of course beeing extremly happy, fanatic and euphoric about any new patch for the best game in the world! 😀
On the second look, some changes feel a bit extreme – but hey let’s have closer look on all changes! crown

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What is new in Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30?

WC3 Patch 1.30 What is new PreviewHere is a quick Summary:

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 (July 2018)

  • Big Balance Changes (Heroes, Units, Buildings & Items) SUPERCOOL
  • An anti-cheat solution (No more Drophack, Maphack & more) SUPERCOOL
  • Map Pool Adjustments (1on1 & 2on2 Mappool changes) COOL
  • Community & Gameplay Features (The Ladder Website is working again) COOL
  • World Editor Ugprades
  • Bug Fixes & Known Issues

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30.1 (September 2018)

  • A lot of Balance Changes
  • Various Bugfixes

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30.2 (October 2018)

  • Blizzard is happy for feedback and is implementing requests of users!
  • The Lobby and custom game experience has been improved
  • Bug Fixes

Read the full changelog below!
Blizzard is testing the Warcraft 3 Patch on a PTR (Public Test Realm) read below how you can take part and test it.
We are sure Blizzard will do some small adjustments, before it goes online on the live servers!

Read on…

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 Download

Patch Version: Release Date: Download:
Warcraft 3 1.30 Installer Windows (English) 22.07.2018 Download
Warcraft 3 1.30 Installer Windows (Rus) 22.07.2018 Download
Warcraft 3 1.30 Installer Windows (Korean 한국어) 22.07.2018 Download
Warcraft 3 1.30 Installer Windows (Chinese 繁體中文) 22.07.2018 Download
Warcraft 3 1.30 Installer Mac (English) 22.07.2018 Download
Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 (Windows) PTR 05.07.2018 Download
Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 (Mac) PTR 05.07.2018 Download
Get the Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 Download!
Warcraft 3 unit WispWhat means PTR?
PTR means Public Test Realm and is an indipendent Warcraft 3 server:
This server is a place where new patches are rolled out, so that the players can test the new stuff and give back feedback to Blizzard. User feedback is really important for game developers, because they can see how strong the changes really workout and are able to adjust effects and also find bugs. This prevents the Battle.net live servers from too strong changes, too many bugs or game crashes and so on.

To take take part in the Warcraft 3 Public Test Realm, download the file and install it. In the WC3 menu browse the icon next to Battle.net button and choose the PTR.

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30.009 Hotfix Update

Patch Date: 09/08/2018

Warcraft 3 Item Circle of Nobility Hotfix Patch 1.30.09 - What is new?
Meanwhile, 2 weeks after the first Patch, Blizzard released an update patch called Warcraft 3 1.30.9922 Hotfix to fix some issues! 😉

  • Various Bug Fixes (Network Latency, Game Crashing Issues, Mouse Cursor was sometimes not on point).
  • Known Issues: Some sounds are still distorted.
  • Balancing (Ensnare duration on units lowered from 10 to 9 seconds, boots of speed stock interval in shops is reverted to WC3 1.28).

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30.01 Update

Patch Date: 14/09/2018

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30.1 - What is new?
  • Warcraft 3 Balance Changes: Far Sight Level 3 now has 2700 AoE and Meat Wagons Disease Cloud now deals 2 damage per second.
  • Game client can now use up to 3GB of memory.
  • -nativefullscr mouse sensivity is on point.
  • Updated observer API to export more game information.
  • About 15 Bug Fixes, that prevent WC3 TFT from crashing.
  • Some sound fixes during gameplay.
  • Data imporvements to make the game more stable.
  • A few competitive maps have been adjusted.

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30.02 Update

Patch Date: 08/10/2018

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30.2 - What is new?
  • Filter for custom game lobby names.
  • Filter for mapnames.
  • Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30.2 is live on the PTR!

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 Full Changelog

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 ChangelogHere is the complete Changelog of the Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30! There are a lot of changes which affect the heroes, units, buildings, upgrades and items as well.
Blizzard made huge changes for the first time: Many people are talking about if this is what this complete, final & perfect game needs? Is it too much maybe? What do you think? We will see how much the gameplay is really changed!

Changelog Table of Content:

  • 1. Warcraft 3 ladder & tournament page
  • 2. Human Changelog
  • 3. Nightelf Changelog
  • 4. Orc Changelog
  • 5. Undead Changelog
  • 6. Neutral Changelog
  • 7. Map Pool Changes
  • 8. Bug Fixes & Worldeditor Changes

1. The Warcraft 3 Ladder and Tournament Website is working again!

Finally the ladder and tournament pages are fixed! This was really annoying:
My main reason browsing the site is definetly when I take part in tournaments. Because only on the Warcraft 3 official tournament page I can see, if I reach the top 16 for the finals or not.
The site was totally broken, it is very nice that this got fixed! dia

Here is a screenshot of my profile (Northrend server):
WC3 Ladder Profile
Ladder & Tournament page:
Warcraft 3 LadderWarcraft 3 Tournament

2. Human Changelog:

Hero Changes:

Warcraft 3 Hero ArchmageArchmage
Water Elemental Level 1: Decreased Hit Points from 525 to 500; increased damage 18 – 22 to 19 – 23
Level 2: Decreased Hit Points from 675 to 625; increased damage 31 – 39 to 33 – 41
Level 3: Decreased Hit Points from 900 to 825; increased damage 41 – 49 to 44 – 52
Brilliance Aura Level 2: Decreased mana regeneration from 1.5 to 1.25 per second
Level 3: Decreased mana regeneration from 2.25 to 1.75 per second
Mass Teleport Increased Area of Effect from 700 to 800

Unit Changes:

Warcraft 3 Flying MachineFlying Machine
Base Stats:
Increased Hit Points from 200 to 250
Increased Gold cost from 90 to 100
Increased Damage from 14 – 15 to 18 – 19 (air-vs-air only)
Warcraft 3 Human Peaseant Militia
Base Stats: Decreased duration from 45 to 40 seconds
Warcraft 3 Mortar TeamMortar Team
Base Stats:
Decreased half damage radius from 150 to 100
Decreased quarter damage radius from 250 to 200
Warcraft 3 PriestPriest
Dispel Magic:
Increased cast range from 500 to 600
Added a 5 second cooldown
Applies to Doom Guard (Creep); Doom Guard (Summoned); Pandaren Brewmaster (Storm)

Warcraft 3 Siege Tank Siege Tank
Base Stats: Increased Supply cost from 3 to 4
Spell Steal: Cooldown increased from 3 to 6 seconds

Item & Upgrade Changes:

Warcraft 3 Item Circle of Nobility Human Items
Ivory Tower Base Stats:
Increased lumber cost from 20 to 25
Reduced stock from 3 to 2
Orb of Fire Base Stats:
Increased hero bonus damage from 5 to 10
Increased splash damage radius from 140 to 150
Increased gold cost from 275 to 325
Warcraft 3 Human UpgradsHuman Upgrades
Defend Base Stats:
Damage reduction reduced from 50% to 40%
Reflection damage reduced from 100% to 90%
Flak Cannons Tech Tree:
Now unlock with Keep
Swapped command card location with Flying Machine Bombs
Fragmentation Shards Base Stats:
Reduced half damage radius from 275 to 225
Increased quarter damage radius from 250 to 275
Reduced bonus damage for half damage radius from 18 to 15
Reduced bonus damage for quarter damage radius from 12 to 10
Improved Masonry Cost:
Level 1: Increased to 125 gold and 50 lumber
Level 2: Increased to 150 gold and 75 lumber
Level 3: Increased to 175 gold and 100 lumber

3. Nightelf Changelog:

Hero Changes:

Wacraft 3 Nightelf Demon HunterDemon Hunter
Base Stats: Reduced Agility from 22 to 21
Metamorphosis: Reduced duration from 60 to 45
Warcraft 3 Nightelf Keeper of the GroveKeeper of the Grove
Force of Nature: All Levels: Reduced mana cost from 125 to 100

Unit Changes:

Warcraft 3 ArcherArcher
Base Stats: Increased Hit Points from 245 to 260
Tech Tree: Improved Bows command card location swapped with the Marksmanship upgrade
Warcraft 3 ChimaeraChimeras
Base Stats: Decreased half damage splash radius from 125 to 100
Warcraft 3 BearDruid of the Claw (Bear Form)
Base Stats: Decreased bonus damage from 29 – 44 to 25 – 40
Warcraft 3 Druid of the TalonDruid of the Talon
Base Stats: Increased cost from 135 to 150 gold
Faerie Fire:
Reduced duration on units from 90 to 70 seconds
Reduced duration on heroes from 60 to 40 seconds
Warcraft 3 DryadDryad
Abolish Magic:
Reduced damage against summoned units from 300 to 250
Applies to: Eredar Sorcerer, Naga Couatl, Centaur Sorcerer, Polar Furbog Shaman, Forest Troll Shadow Priest, Kobold Geomancer, Mur’gul Snarecaster, Nerubian Seer, Salamander Seer, Watery Minion Snarecaster, Tuskarr Healer, and Ice Troll High Priest
Warcraft 3 Glaive ThrowerGlaive Thrower
Base Stats: Increased bonus damage from 36 – 53 to 51- 68
Warcraft 3 HuntressHuntress
Tech Tree:
Moonglaive now unlocks with Tree of Ages
Sentinel is researched by default
Warcraft 3 Mountain GiantMountain Giant
Base Stats:
Decreased cost from 425 to 350 gold
Decreased Supply from 7 to 6
Warcraft 3 HippogryphHippogryph
Tech Tree: Hippogryph Taming is researched by default
Warcraft 3  Hippogryph RiderHippogryph Rider
Base Stats: Increased Hit Points from 765 to 780

Building Changes:

Warcraft 3 Nightelf UpgradesNightelf Buildings
Ancient of War Base Stats:
Reduced Hit Points from 1000 to 900
Reduced bonus attack damage from 44 to 36
Tech Tree Removed Sentinel upgrade – researched by default
Ancient of Wind Tech Tree:
Removed Hippogryph Taming upgrade – researched by default
Ancient Protector Base Stats:
Reduced build time from 60 to 55 seconds
Decreased rooted attack cool down from 2 seconds to 1.7 seconds (24.75 to 29.12 damage per second)
Decreased uprooted attack cool down from 1.5 seconds to 1.4 seconds (19.67 to 21.07 damage per second)
Moon Well Base Stats:
Increased mana regeneration at night from 1.25 to 1.50 per second
Chimera Roost Tech Tree:
No longer requires Ancient of Wind to build

4. Orc Changelog:

Hero Changes:

Warcraft 3 Orc BlademasterBlademaster
Base Stats: Reduced Agility from 24 to 22

Unit Changes:

Warcraft 3 Bat RiderBat Rider
Base Stats: Increased bonus damage from 13 – 15 to 16 – 18
Warcraft 3 BerserkerBerserker
Base Stats: Increased Hit Points from 450 to 475
Warcraft 3 HeadhunterHeadhunter
Base Stats:
Increased Hit Points from 350 to 375
Increased Regeneration upgrade from 0.8 to 1.0 Hit Points per second
Warcraft 3 ShamanShaman
Base Stats:
Increased Hit Points from 335 to 350
Increased bonus damage from 8 – 9 to 10 – 11

Decreased mana cost from 75 to 65

Warcraft 3 Spirit WalkerSpirit Walker
Changed Hotkey from (T) to (W)

Item & Upgrade Changes:

Warcraft 3 Item Circle of NobilityOrc Items
Scroll of Speed: No longer applies to Goblin Sappers
Warcraft 3 Orc UpgradesBuildings & Techtree
Tauren Totem Tech Tree:
Now unlocks with Stronghold instead of Fortress
Now trains Spirit Walkers and Spirit Walker upgrades
Swapped command card locations so Spirit Walkers are first button
Berserker Base Stats:
Decreased the damage debuff from 50% to 40%
Swapped command card location with Troll Regeneration upgrade
Burning Oil Moved command card location to middle row
Liquid Fire Base Stats:
Reduced the attack speed debuff from 80% to 60%
Reinforced Defenses Base Stats:
Reduced from 200 to 150 lumber

Tech Tree:
Unlocks with Stronghold instead of Fortress

Spiked Barricades Cost:
Level 2: Reduced from 175 to 125 lumber
Level 3: Reduced from 275 to 175 lumber
Troll Regeneration Swapped command card location with Berserker upgrade

5. Undead Changelog:

Hero Changes:

Warcraft 3 Undead LichLich
Frost Armor: All Levels: Reduced slow duration against all units to 4 seconds
Unit Changes:

Warcraft 3 AcolyteAcolyte
Base Stats:
Increased Hit Points from 220 to 230
Increased Hit Point Regeneration while on Blight from 2 to 4 per second
Increased armor from 0 to 1 (6% damage reduction)
Increased movement speed from 220 to 250
Warcraft 3 Obsidian StatueObsidian Statue
Base Stats:
Reduced Hit Points from 550 to 500
Warcraft 3 DestroyerDestroyer
Base Stats:
Reduced Hit Points from 900 to 850
Reduced Orb of Annihilation bonus damage from 20 to 15
Warcraft 3 FrostwyrmFrost Wyrm
Base Stats:
Reduced Frost Breath attack duration on Heroes from 10 seconds to 3 seconds
Warcraft 3 NecromancerNecromancer
Cripple Reduced mana cost from 175 to 150
Unholy Frenzy Reduced drain from 4 to 3 Hit Points per second
Raise Dead Increased base summon duration from 40 to 45 seconds
Skeleton Warrior Base Stats:
Increased Hit Points from 180 to 190
Skeleton Mage Base Stats:
Increased Hit Points from 230 to 240

Building, Upgrades & Item Changes:

Warcraft 3 Item Circle of NobilityUndead Items
Orb of Corruption Base Stats:
Decreased armor reduction from 5 to 4
Sacrificial Skull Tech Tree:
No longer requires Graveyard to purchase

Base Stats:
Decreased stock regeneration from 60 to 45

Warcraft 3 Undead UpgradesUndead Buildings & Upgrades
Haunted Gold Mine Base Stats:
Reduced Blight radius from 960 to 768
Reduced cost to 225 gold and 210 lumber
Necropolis Base Stats:
Reduced cost from 255 to 225 gold
Reduced build duration from 100 to 90 seconds
Ziggurat Base Stats:
Increased Hit Points from 550 to 600
Cannibalize Swapped command card location with Frenzy upgrade

Ghoul and Abomination:
Decreased the duration from 33 seconds to 20 seconds for Ghouls and Abominations

Increased healing from 10 to 16 per second

Increased healing from 15 to 25 per second

Devour Magic Decreased damage against summoned units from 180 to 160
Disease Cloud (Abomination) Increased damage from 1 to 2 per second
Reduced duration from 120 to 90 seconds
Exhume Corpse Now generates Crypt Fiend corpse instead of Ghoul corpse
Frenzy Swapped command card location with Cannibalize upgrade
Skeletal Longevity Increased duration time from 15 to 20 seconds
Increased cost from 50 to 75 gold
Skeletal Mastery Now unlocks with Halls of the Dead
Stone Form Moved command card location to the middle row

6. Neutral Changelog:

Hero Changes:

Warcraft 3 Goblin AlchemistGoblin Alchemist
Healing Spray Level 1: Decreased from 40 to 30
Level 2: Decreased from 55 to 45
Level 3: Decreased from 70 to 60
Transmute Increased conversion factor from .8 to 1.25
Warcraft 3 TinkerGoblin Tinker
Base Stats Reduced Armor from 4.5 to 3.5
Pocket Factory Pocket Factory now has Heavy Armor instead of Normal
Engineering Upgrade Level 1: Increased spawn interval time for Clockwerk Goblins from 4 to 4.5 seconds
Level 2: Increased spawn interval time for Clockwerk Goblins from 3.2 to 3.5 seconds
Level 3: Increased spawn interval time for Clockwerk Goblins from 2.56 to 3 seconds
Cluster Rockets Level 3: Increased Damage for Cluster Rockets from 27.5 to 30.5
Warcraft 3 NagaNaga Sea Witch
Mana Shield Level 1: Increased damage absorbed from 1 to 2
Level 2: Increased damage absorbed from 1.5 to 3
Level 3: Increased damage absorbed from 2 to 4
Warcraft 3 Pandaren BrewmasterPandaren Brewmaster
Breath of Fire All levels: Increased mana cost from 70 to 75
Level 1: Reduced damage over time from 7 to 5, reduced max damage from 520 to 480
Level 2: Reduced damage over time from 14 to 10, reduced max damage from 1000 to 720
Level 3: Reduced damage over time from 21 to 15, reduced max damage from 1360 to 1080

Items & Spells:

Warcraft 3 Item Circle of NobilityNeutral Items & Spells
Purge: Reduced damage to summoned units from 400 to 200
Boots of Speed: Now have a stock of 2

7. WC3 Patch 1.30 New Map Pool:

1on1 Maps
  • (2)TerenasStand_LV
  • (2)Plunderisle_LV
  • (2)SwampedTemple_V2 (Community Map)
  • (2)NorthernIsles (Community Map)
  • (2)EchoIsle
  • (2)TirisfalGlades_LV
  • (2)Amazonia(com)
  • (2)(2)LastRefuge-1.3 (Community Map)
  • (2)ConcealedHill (Community Map)
  • (4)TwistedMeadows
  • (4)TurtleRock
2on2 Maps
  • (4)PhantomGrove_LV
  • (4)Avalanche_LV
  • (4)TurtleRock
  • (4)CentaurGrove
  • (4)BridgeTooNear_LV
  • (4)(4)Synergy_big_paved (Community Map)
  • (4)TidewaterGlades_LV
  • (4)LostTemple
  • (4)TwistedMeadows
  • (4)FurbolgMountain_v3 (Community Map)
  • (6)GnollWood
Great fix: 2on2 RT and AT maps are the same now!

3on3 Maps
  • (6)ThunderLake_LV
  • (6)GnollWood
  • (6)Monsoon_LV
  • (6)DarkForest
  • (6)UpperKingdom
  • (6)RuinsOfStratholme
  • (8)Mur’gulOasis_LV
  • (6)RollingHills
  • (6)TimbermawHold
  • (6)StranglethornVale
  • (8)Battleground_LV
4on4 Maps
  • (8)Feralas_LV
  • (8)Northshire_LV
  • (8)Sanctuary_LV
  • (8)TwilightRuins_LV
  • (8)Battleground_LV
  • (8)Deadlock_LV
  • (8)GolemsInTheMist_LV
  • (8)Mur’gulOasis_LV
  • (8)MarketSquare
  • (8)GoldRush
  • (8)Friends
  • (8)BlastedLands
FFA Maps
  • (4)Deathrose
  • (6)Duststorm_LV
  • (6)EmeraldShores
  • (6)StranglethornVale
  • (6)Monsoon_LV
  • (6)ThunderLake_LV
  • (8)Deadlock_LV
  • (8)Mur’gulOasis_LV
  • (8)TwilightRuins_LV
  • (8)Battleground_LV

8. Bug Fixes & World Editor

WC3 Patch 1.30 Bug Fixes
[Mac] Joining a custom game no longer results in a crash
[Mac] Loading a saved game no longer results in a crash
[Mac] Client no longer crashes when switching between expansions
[Mac] Cinematics work again
[Mac] Switching between fullscreen and windowed mode no longer causes menu/text misalignment
[World Editor] Crash when same ability with different buff ID’s is cast on a unit resolved
Blademaster able to path through intended items during Wind Walk again
Defend consistently reflects damage from piercing attacks again
Killing a Demon Hunter at the end of its Metamorphosis no longer prevents Metamorphosis from being used for the rest of the match
Stun works again if the target has already been stunned by an illusion
Using Crypt Fiend’s burrow/unburrow no longer resets the cooldown for the Web ability
Using Town Portal on a moving Tree of Life can no longer cause the spell to interrupt and grant temporary invulnerability
Units that can only attack other air units (or groups of units that include one of these units) can attack move to areas where there are trees again
Dropped items can no longer be stacked on top of each other
(2)TerenasStand_LV: Fixed pathing around Mercenary Camps
Cursor matches the mouse position when resolution is taller than wider again
Players can rejoin a saved multiplayer game again
Clan Message of the Day can be set again
Intro cinematic displays again
Text scales correctly and is no longer cut off In Windowed Mode
After loading a saved game, portraits no longer stretch the width of the screen
Ambient sound has been returned to ambience
Hero glow for player 12 is consistent with original version again
Korean and Chinese installation names of Warcraft III on Windows 10 OS no longer say “StarCraft” in those languages
Setting 3 of “Set Ally Color Mode” no longer changes the team color of neutral creeps
Team and color no longer reset when clicking on the dropdown arrow in Lobby
The cursor no longer disappears behind the black bars of the main menu
The scoreboard no longer truncates when a timer is present
Tooltips for Keeper of the Grove’s Learn Tranquility, Blademaster Critical Strike, and other Critical Strike abilities have been updated to properly reflect changes made in 1.29.0
IME no longer creates a green box in non-enUS clients
Opening preferences no longer generates an error
The map pool from Random Team has been mirrored to Arranged Team
“/fps”, “/apm” and “/ping” visibility will be retained between games
[World Editor] The edges of the Editor window are clickable again
[World Editor] BlzIsUnitInvulnerable returns the correct boolean value
[World Editor] BlzSetSpecialEffectPosition and BlzSetSpecialEffectPositionLoc names are now distinguishable in the GUI
[World Editor] Dead units no longer remain selectable when using BlzIsUnitSelectable
[World Editor] Improved function names for ability tooltips to turn on/off autocast
[World Editor] Values for BlzSetUnitDiceSides can be modified
[World Editor] Renaming an Item no longer changes all Items’ names
[World Editor] The default GUI values for UnitInterruptAttack and UnitCancelTimedLife no longer cause an error
[World Editor] UnitDisableAbility hides an ability with Hide=true and Disabled=false again
[World Editor] With an ability that has Disabled=false, attempting to set Disabled to false again no longer causes a crash
[World Editor] Adding a hero ability to a non-hero unit via Spellbook no longer causes a crash
WC3 Patch 1.30 World Editor Upgrades
World Editor Upgrades:
Added support for vJass with JassHelper
Most buffs/debuffs can simultaneously apply to the same unit if their ID’s are different
Added BlzPlaySpecialEffect
Added BlzSpecialEffectAddSubAnimation
Added BlzSpecialEffectRemoveSubAnimation
Added BlzSpecialEffectClearSubAnimations
BlzSetSpecialEffectHeight will take terrain height into consideration
WC3 Patch 1.30 Known Issues
Known Issues:
In 24 player games AI buildings may become stuck in construction (unverified)
Unit health and mana bars overlap quest text in the UI
Icons are off center when the client is snapped while in windowed mode in narrow resolutions
Framerate is not adjusting correctly when running in the background
To help visualize and solve mouse cursor lag we have added oscursor to registry that draws the operating system arrow cursor

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 Gameplay effects

Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 GameplayWhat we can expect:

  • In general: The dispell got nerfed, this means summons are much stronger now and it is possible to play better summon strategies.
  • Undead: Undeads will play more Necrolytes and less Destroyers.
  • Human: Humans got a bit nerfed (Mortar, Tanks, Brilliance Aura) but the Water Elements got stronger!
  • Orc: Orcs now have a better time defending their base and we could see more shamans!
  • Nightelf: Nightelves have a bit more tatical possibilities now: Mountain Giants, Huntresses, Hyppos and Ancient Protectors are better now!
  • Neutrals: Alchemist got nerfed, but this was necessary! Well, neutral Heroes will be played more and more, since they are equal now…

That’s it. I reall love that patch! x33 x33

What about you? 😀

Are the changes too big, what do you think? I hope you like the article! 😉

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