Warcraft 3 Castle Fight

Warcraft 3 Castle Fight is a good balanced castle defense map. Two teams create buildings which spawn units that will automatically attack the enemy.

Warcraft 3 Castle Fight Download

In Castle Fight for Warcraft 3 two teams play against each other. They both build unit-producing buildings. The produced units in Wc3 Castle Fight got special characteristics. Units are effective or ineffective vs other kinds of units!

Producing the right unit balance is the key to win! Counter your Enemies and you will win it. 😉

Download Warcraft 3 Castle Fight 1.22a here. Also spell-casting buildings are important and each race got its own special buildings.

Furthermore you are able to arm your worker to let him fight. In some cases this might be useful to defend an early rush after a bad start!

DownloadDownloads: 18,032 Download-Size: 3.1 MB

Warcraft 3 Castle Fight Screenshot

Warcraft 3 Castle Fight tips:

You cannot micro these units, everything you can do is the macro and the strategy.
How can you win a game in Warcraft 3 Castle Fight?

  • In general just counter the enemy units. Each armor and damage type has an advantage and a weakness against another type.
  • Wait as long as you can with the strike, the team who strikes first, will lose the game most likely
  • If your team made a strike, make sure the enemy team has to use one too, buy a Double Damage or Triple Damage Scroll.
  • If treasure boxed are enabled, one player can try to put all his money into treasure boxes after 5-10 minutes. Afterwards spam your most expensive unit building

Castle Fight 1.22

Castle Fight Commands:

Command Effect
-r random race
-p pick race
-d draft race
-m mirror mode (same races)
another -r new races each round
-g one race for the whole game

A good mode is -rr2 (random race each round best of 2)

Castle Fight Extra Commands:

Command Effect
-co Coins every 40s
-uo Units only
-na No Artillery
-nai No Air
-ntb No Tresure Box
-nb No Unit Bounty
-nt No Taxes
-ht High Taxes
-ns No Special Buildings
-nrs Builder have no Rescue Strike
-cc Crazy Coins – Ten Coins spawn instead of one
-nl No legendary buildings
-fowX Fog of War
-ca Caging enabled
-lm League mode (No Afk, Individual Races is On, Balance can’t be activated, High Taxes is on)
-nuke The Main Castle sells Nuke Launchers

Castle Defense at its Best! 😎 Comment and Share 😉

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Make me happy
Make me happy

its deleted,pls restore


real fun, only a very slow start.
managed to crash the game due to massive ammounts of units last weekend 🙂


Always fun, – cc is so good xD xD