Legends of Dota 6.87 series (6.87d6) Map Download

Welcome my friends here you can find the Legends of Dota map download for the version 6.87d6. Find the map changelog below.

Dota LoD 6.87d6 Map Download:

Dota LoD 6.87 Map Download
The map creator Dracol1ch, together with ResQ and Vordik are creating the Dota 1 map for Legends of Dota since Icefrog is working on Dota 2.
The new LoD series is called 6.87 and adds new changes to our lovely map. The dota 1 map is getting better and better and new hero changes that are always a bit similar to the dota 2 development are made. While new features are added it is also important to fix visuals and wrong spells!

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Dota LoD 6.87d601/202010K+65MBDownload

Info: Dota LoD 6.87 is only playable with Warcraft 3 Patch 1.26! It will not work with any other WC3 Patches (like 1.27, 1.28, 1.29 and so on). Get all WC3 Patches here.

Dota LoD 6.87 Changelog:

Legends of Dota 6.87 Changelog

Here is the changelog for Legends of Dota 6.87d6:

  • Fixed Arcane Rune bug with manacost
  • Fixed Blink Dagger cooldown issue
  • Fixed Astral Imprisonment and Fortune’s End Linken’s interaction
  • Fixed Power Cog manaburn and Mana Shield being unaffected by manaloss reduction
  • Fixed Overgrowth not working sometimes
  • Firestorm no longer applies debuff on spell immune units
  • EMP changed so it burns mana before doing damage (may be important vs e.g. Mana Shield)
  • EMP burnt mana in damage 50% -> 60%
  • Mystic Snake no longer deals pure damage to stoned targets, but deals simply Magical (since Stone Gaze no longer grants 100% magic resistance)
  • Mystic Snake first drains mana, then deals damage (same as EMP)
  • Fixed Mystic Snake mana drain did not increase with jump if the current target doesn’t have mana to drain
  • Mystic Snake no longer affects, counts and not trying to jump toward Magic Immune or Invulnerable units
  • Fixed Stone Gaze still slowing turn speed by 50% instead of 35%
  • Removed Ogre Lord as hero
  • Bloodrage from Ogre removed
  • Blood Bath transferred on Crabe, replacing his useless 2nd and 3rd skills
  • Adaptiveness transferred on Geomancer ultimate
  • Fire Lord now uses Ogre Lord model, stats and name, because the previous model had too bad quality.

Dota LoD Map Installation Guide:

Map Installation Legends of Dota
The map is quite big with 65mb, because strong visual effects are added.

DotA LoD 6.8d7 Screenshots:

These are the map icon and loading screen of the Legends of Dota 6.87 series. 😉
LoD 6.87d Map Icon

Loading Screen Legends of Dota 6.87

Find a complete Dota 1 beginner guide here.

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