All Warcraft 3 Chat Commands

In the great World of the Warcraft 3 Universe its easier to have some short and handy commands to wander around quickly. In the Blizzard games there are always similar chat commands for the optimal usage.

The Following list contains a full list of all Warcraft 3 Chat Commands that exist!

You can display Warcraft 3 user profiles and game statistics.

What I always do is to check my enemy when I play Warcraft 1on1 games with the command:
/stats playernameLike that you can see how good he is! 😀

Warcraft 3 Chat Commands:

/w or /mWhisper someone like this /w gaming-tools hi whats up you rock!
/rAnswer to the last person who wrote you.
/meAllows you to write something in grey color (Like a status)
/me afk for eating cookies!
/squelchmute the idiot!
/unsquelchshow feelings xD (unban him)
/away/away i am still afk eating cookies!
/jjoin a chat channel
/statscheck the stats of any player. This is important if you are in a game and want to check your opponent or team mate
/whoisWhat’s that idiot doing?
/whoUsernames of People in a Chat Channel
/whoamiWhere the fuck am i? Displays the Server. You should know where you are lol.
/timeNo clock in the house man?
/usersInteresting Numbers of Playing and Online Players
/fpsYour FPS (only Ingame)
CTRL+M or CTRL+ArrowDownStupid Music off! Annoying sometimes
CTRL+S or CTRL+ArrowUpLet the Music Play!
/dndNo one can contact you (do not disturb mode)
/rejoinRejoin the Channel that you are in

Warcraft 3 Friendlist Chat Commands

Command Effect
/f l Displays what all your friends are doing.
/f a Add someone to your friend list
/f r Remove this Tard
/f m A Message to all your friends for all the spammers out there.
/f m someone at?
/f promote username 1 Up in the Friendlist
/f demote username 1 Down

Warcrarft 3 Extra Chat Commands

Command Effect
/clan create /clan create
.pingme or .ping Checkout Channels where a bot is and get pinged. Everything above a Ping of 200 is laggy!

Warcraft 3 Clan Channel Commands

This is a Screenshot of my clan siQ.
We are a Dota Clan 😀

Command Effect
/kick username Time to Kick!
/ban username He came back lol.
/unban username Unban the Loser
/resign Give up your yellow border and become a normal User
/designate username Give Channel operator rights to someone who is no Operator. For this you must /rejoin the Channel to make him get the Yellow Border. He got the Operator Rights until he leaves the channel.

This is someone who loves to ban People:


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