Warcraft 3 Tournament Guide

In the Warcraft 3 Battle.net to the biggest things you can achieve belongs a good tournament account. The first impression when a player sees your tournament icon and in addition to that tournament statistics that are above 60% is just a WOW-effect! crown
In this Warcraft 3 tournament guide I tell you how to reach over 60% even for 50% players. Higher players should easily reach 70% or more with these tips.
It does not really depend on the skill, it depends on the discipline in making the right decisions. Some play for 80% or 90% accounts and have to stick to their rules, making stupid mistakes easily can ruin any account…

The ultimate advantage of WC3 Tournament Matches:

Warcraft 3 Tournament Tips
The thing with the Warcraft 3 account is, that it is extremely difficult to stay over 60% if you are a gamer who wants to play all of the things:

  • RT can ruin things fast, because of teamkillers, idiots, or because of yourself playing fun tactics.
  • 1on1 can end up in 50%-55% fast.
  • And also AT games can unremarkably come back to 50% and you do not know at all what the AT count is in total…

Every step into the direction of 60% increases the WC3 elo and makes it harder and assigns better enemies against you (if you are not abusing).

…BUT there is one ultimate weapon that is the solution for all of this: Tournament Matches! crown
Tournament Matches in Warcraft 3 always start with zero every day! dia This means no matter if you have 40% or 70%, everyone starts with the same conditions. And everyone gets matches against other people who have the same stats in the current tournament. A player with 0-0 will be matched against a player with 0-0, 1-1 or 2-2. and a player with 1-0 will be matched against someone with 1-0, 2-1 or 3-2. An so on…
Knowing this, it is simple to profit from this system. For bad players this might be a bad thing at all, but it is the opposite for good players – the first match is a freewin in most of the games. Of course there is a chance that you get matched against a pro player in the first game, but just calculate good and everything is fine…

The two rules for an awesome WC3 tour acc:

Warcraft 3 Fight Club Rules

  • Rule number one in the WC3 TOURNAMENT FIGHT CLUB: Reach the Finals! 😀
  • Rule number two: if you have no time for the finals, quit after 1-0! Explanation: What means 1-0? It means you made 100% positive stats and it will never be changed. The win comes on top of the race you played, on top of the tournament stats and on top of the overall stats. A really good strategy if you have the time to take part in many tournaments (this could be if you are a schoolboy, a student, got no job at all, a half time job or when having vacation). The reason is simple: After 1-0 no one ever can take the win away and you can just quit and take the 1-0 the next day again. The only thing that can happen is getting a lose in the first game, then just try to get 2-1 or 3-1 depending on your daily performance. Like this you will easily end up with over 80% on the long term, it just needs a bit time.

Basic tips & tricks for a good Warcraft 3 tournament account:

Warcraft 3 Tournament Guide

  • For good results only play your best race/mainrace. Just if you feel safe with other races or even with random, try these on your own risk. Some tournaments should be skipped, for example Orc 1on1 if you hate playing Orc like me! 😀
  • Make hosting available so you do not have to depend on other people – like this you are the one the people are searching for and it is possible to take part in every team-tournament.
  • Study the tournament schedule plan for the next days and write down the tournaments you want to take part in, so you wont miss the timing. This works better than just playing when suprisingly the tour button appears in blue. 😉
  • Take time for the tournament, the goal should always be to reach the finals. But to play a successful tournament you need 5 hours.
  • Try to reach the finals for the simple rule, that about 40% of the enemies will not appear in the best of 16 round. An every won match in the final rounds will give you freewins! crown The free wins in the final games are the key for a high class Warcraft 3 Battle.net Account.
  • Always give the maximum if you play tournament games, if you don’t feel great today or want to play a fun tactic, the normal 1on1 or RT mode is a better option.

Warcraft 3 1on1 Tournament Tips:

Warcraft 3 1on1 Tournament

  • Warmup for 1on1 matches, an hour before a tournament starts I would train 1-3 solo matches to warmup. Like this you get in the right mood – the godlike mode, where no one can stop you!
  • Simple rule: Don’t play 1on1 tour, if you are not a 1on1 player – it will end in a desaster! 😀
  • Play your best matchup, the best and safest strategy, scout the enemy, be the aggressive one and bring the win home. Always expand to be prepared for longer matches, in some matches where the win is too far away, it is possible to play for a tie.

Warcraft 3 Arranged Team Tournament Guide:

Warcraft 3 Arranged Team Tournament

  • Another simple rule: Stop playing with bad people! 😀 Only play with guys you know, even high percent dudes can be extreme shit players.
  • The most important rule to win tournament team matches: Play one of the following tactics or you will lose against good players: Mass ranged units with aura heros, feed the Undead or Human or a crazy all-in tower rush. Check our tactic board for all of the team tactics.

That’s it!
Already managed to create an awesome Warcraft 3 tournament account?
Do you miss any tips? Make a comment below! 8)

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