Warcraft 3 Hotkeys

You can create awesome Warcraft 3 Hotkeys in many different Ways – Gaming Tools brings it all down to you!
I played much Warcraft 3 and Dota so i can tell you I tested them all. 😀 Its up to you how you want to create your own Warcraft 3 Hotkeys but I made a list and it follows my priority from best to worst! Enjoy!

  • 1. Warkey – Simple and Awesome – No Installation need!
  • 2. Warkeys – Great too and good for you if you want to setup many things in detail!
  • 3. The Customkeysgenerator – External Website from DR.Jones to simply create and download your Customkeys.txt – Easy to use even for No-Brainers!
  • 4. Keycraft – You can import and export Hotkeys – well its an okay tool for Warcraft 3 Hotkeys – not my favorite.
  • 5. Ready to Download QWER Customkeys.txt
  • 6. Ready to Download YXCV Customkeys.txt

That’s it my friends =) Choose da best Warcraft 3 Hotkeys – it’s up to you!
If you do it right you can massively optimize your in-game skill by setting nearly everything on Keys! Some of my friends use like 10 Keys JUST ON THEIR MOUSE LOL. That’s a matter of taste maybe.

If something is broken just tell and I fix.

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