MDLX Converter

The MDLX Converter for Warcraft 3 is a powerful tool for Map Editors of Wc3 Funmaps!
You can convert .mdl and .mdx files!

Warcraft 3 MDLX Converter Download

Download the Warcraft 3 MDLX Converter here. Then just unzip it and open the exe file.

What is the MDLX Converter for?

Most of the models you can download in the web are a .mdx files, but the Warcraft 3 World Editor requires the models in .mdl format. Sometime ago the .mdx files worked but today you will always need .mdl files for the Warcraft 3 models.

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Warcraft 3 Unit Model MDL file

Warcraft 3 Model File Converter

The MDLX Converter main function: It converts between MDX and MDL files.
MDLX Converter Tool for Warcraft 3

  • Click on “Convert” and choose one or more files.
  • Click on “Repeat” to do the last batch over again. This is sometimes useful when you had an error in your MDL and fixed it!
  • Click and drag files into the program from the explorer to open MDL/X files with it. This is supereasy just drag it in. This is faster than using right click and searching with the explorer!

Warcraft 3 MDLX Converter is the best Model Tool

The MDLX Converter works better than Yobgul’s MDL MDX File Converter.

Just try it out, how do you save and convert your Warcraft 3 model and texture files?

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