Kodo Tag

The Warcraft 3 Map Kodo Tag is a really funny Map, where you must escape from the CRAZY KODOS! 😀


Downloads: 1,069 Download-Size: 285.4 KB

On start all Players start in the middle, where the Kodos will spawn soon. It’s time to run fast away now because the Kodos will come! The Game Kodo Tag is playable as a team or even solo. Mostly you play public with other Players but everyone fights for himself like a Free For All Battle. Who can stay alive and will not be eaten by the crazy kodos?


Kodo Tag Tips to Win

Kodo Tag is fun but if you want to win it’s not easy. Here are some tips from me, if you have more tips add a comment. 😉
• At start Run as far as possible, so that the Kodos have a long long way until they get you. This will give you time.
• By blocking terrain, for example building on uphill, the Kodos have a longer way to move around.
• Build long Mazes with burrows, this will give important time if the Kodos suddenly find your base.
• Type -cam 400 or another value to zoom out and see more at once.
• If the Kodos find you early, retreat, try to block with more buildings and escape to build somewhere else.
• When there is enough gold, it’s time to build mass Towers. This will give good extra income when killing Kodos.
• Important Upgrades are the Improved Walls and Advanced Warfare for higher wall upgrades.
• If there is Time build, build and build…


Have Fun Playing my Friends! 😀 Comment & Share 😎

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