Warcraft 3 Fight of the Characters

Fight of the Characters

In the Warcraft 3 Map Fight of the Characters you pick one of the anime heros and the battle starts. The anime heros are from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and other animes like One Piece. 😀

Warcraft 3 Fight of the Characters Map Download

At first it is important to kill as many creeps as you can, because you get experience and gold. With the gold you can buy items to become more powerful.

Fight of the Characters 8.0d Download (Best Version)

Downloads: 2,904 Download-Size: 4.0 MB

Warcraft 3 Map Fight of the Characters

Basic Items in Fight of the Characters

The map creator of Fight of the Characters put a lot of love into the design of the anime characters. There are very cool anime heros from Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and One Piece – brought together for a Showdown in Warcraft 3!!! 😀

There are a lot of items, so here is a list of good things:

Item Name Price Effect
Belt of Strength $3000 +25 Str
Slippers of Agility $3000 +25 Agi
Axe $8000 +100 Dmg
Shield $8000 +100 Armor
Voodoo Doll $3000 50 Dmg/s Immolationr
Ultra Pendant Vision $8000 +100 Dmg and reveals Invisible Units

Combined Items in Fight of the Characters

These Items are very strong, I like the Item Medal of Honor with this you can farm very good. 😎

Item Name Effect
Bloody Axe +200 Dmg and +25 Str
Vanguard +200 Armor and +25 Str
Elf Boots +25 Agi and Increased Movementspeed
Medal of Honor +25 All Stats and +25 HP Regen
Excalibur +200 Dmg and +200 Armor
Gamabunta Scroll Summons Gamabunta

Warcraft 3 Fight of the Characters Duell:

Here is a Screenshot at the fountain with many creeps:
Fight of the characters duell

Here you can find our Warcraft Map Pool with the best Maps.

Have Fun Playing 😉

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