Warcraft 3 Basshunter Dota 1 Song – HYPE

The band Basshunter released an ultimate song in 2006 called “Dota”.
The song Basshunter Dota got famous and viral in the Warcraft 3 Dota scene and it got cult status from the very first day! crown

Basshunter with their singer song writer Jonas Altberg is a swedish band, who showed their love for Dota with this song! In 2006 Basshunter Dota was released, beside their better known song “Boten Anna“.

Dota Song: Basshunter is the most famoust Dota 1 song!

  • Cult status for everyone who ever played Dota!
  • Basshunter Dota got over 40 million views on Youtube! x3
  • Nearly 3 million likes on their facebook site.

Warcraft 3 Basshunter Dota Song:

Here is the official one and only Dota Basshunter Song: crown crown crown

Basshunter Dota is bringing back memories of the good old Warcraft 3 Dota times!!! xD xD

I love it! x3

Basshunter Dota Singer Jonas Altberg

Here is the sexy Jonas Altberg! xD NoHomo
Basshunter Dota Singer
Basshunter Jonas Altberg
Have Fun playing and listening to Basshunter Dota! 😀

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