Warcraft 3 The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones is a Warcraft 3 massive single player campaign!
The campaign is the story about the three dragon slayers Phodom, Fradz and Galeoth. It is a thrilling story line which makes a lot of fun to play.
The Chosen Ones campaign is very detailed, the playtrough time is about 30 hours! 🙂

Complete quests and fight epic bosses!

Let the story begin…

The Chosen Ones

Warcraft 3 The Chosen Ones Map Download

The full The Chosen One 1.0 map file is about 120mb. Yes it is big, but it contains so much: 10 chapters, 9 interludes plus an epilogue and prologue! To play this to the end you will need hours and hours, it is an addictive Warcraft 3 campaign!

Download Warcraft 3 The Chosen Ones 1.0 here:
Download Downloads: 250K+
Download-Size: 121MB

Ho to play Warcraft 3 custom campaigns

The Chosen Ones Map
Campaign files are different compared to normal Warcraft 3 maps, follow these steps:

  • Download the campaign The Chosen Ones
  • Copy the file into your Warcraft 3 campaigns folder without renaming it.
  • Start the game and go to Single Player > Custom Campaign
  • Let the journey begin… 🙂

Warcraft 3 The Chosen Ones Background Story

The Chosen Ones Castle

The Warcraft 3 The Chosen Ones story is about a land with dragons. The last 12 years all people of the kingdom of Balgaron lived in peace and harmony. Before this time there was the war of the dragons! Follow the story line with the characters Phodom, Fradz or Galeoth. They all come from different places but their story line will meet at some point! Together they are forced to a conflict beyond their imagination! Come and lead them into an epic world, that covers hate, love, peace and war!

Warcraft Custom Campaign The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones Features

The Warcraft 3 The Chosen One is a very long campaign with an epic story line and many boss fights!

Are you the one?

  • Over 30 hours of gameplay!
  • Play 10 chapters, 9 interludes (plus prologue & epilogue)
  • Over 100 cinematic cut-scenes
  • Complete well made main and side quests!
  • Find secret extra treasures!
  • 33 boss battles + hundreds of mini bosses
  • Spell book and scripted hero abilities
  • Unique music
  • Really nice Warcraft 3 special and spell effects
  • Over 500 items
  • Well made objectives and structures (over 1500 imported materials)

Wc3 The Chosen Ones Shop Items

The Chosen Ones Updates & Credits

The campaign is created by Aeroblyctos, it took him months to complete this! He made over 16 maps for Warcraft 3 and The Chosen Ones was his biggest project. This version is the latest and stable one, the final version! An epic piece of work! 🙂 How do you like it?

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6 months ago

hello. can I GET the file downloader?

6 months ago

hello there/ are you still here? if yes, so I ask you please a new file to download. your file does not work anymore. thanks

Kalin Raichev
Kalin Raichev
4 years ago

when I select prolog campain, the screen comes black and hapens noting… ?

4 years ago
Reply to  Kalin Raichev

Your warcraft 3 version might be to old i had the same problem once