Warcraft 3 Footmen Frenzy – Best Warcraft 3 Map Version

Good old Warcraft 3 Footmen Frenzy also called Footies is one of the oldest Warcraft 3 Funmaps.

Warcraft 3 Footmen Frenzy Map Download:

Download Warcraft 3 Footmen Frenzy 5.0 AI (Best version)
DownloadDownloads: 92,760Download-Size: 948.5 KB

Footmen Frenzy Map Preview

There are hundreds of different versions of Footmen Frenzy, I took out the best one which is balanaced ok and one of the newer versions.
Warcraft 3 Footmen Frenzy often was dramatically unbalanced. Some heros with early fast XP and the right Items transform to unbeatable godlike heros. And also fast tech wihtout picking a hero was sometimes too strong. This version is fun to play and got 51 different Heroes to pick. 😎

Best Footmen Frenzy Map:

In Warcraft 3 Footmen Frenzy there are 4 teams, one in each corner. Each team has 3 Players, but its also possible to mix teams but there is no sense for. In the base each player has one main building this is where the units spawn. If the main building dies, the player lost the game and the team has to go on without him.
Behind your main building there are shops to buy specific items and extra units.

The center of the map is visible for every player and this is where the most fights happen. The middle building gives mana heal and you also can buy items for your hero in the shops.
Warcraft 3 Map Footma Frenzy

Footmen Frenzy Tactics

At the start of the game you should talk to your team and make a simple footmen frenzy strategy. For example two players could fast tech and one player picks a strong single hero. If you do it like this the one hero gets all the XP of all 3 Players (if the hero is in range). You also can pick 3 heroes that match good with each other. If you pick 3 times heroes with aoe dmg, you can rock the early game. In Footmen Frenzy it is possible to win with every hero but some are easier to play.

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just nice guy
just nice guy
3 years ago

does it work with bots?

5 years ago

It’s not balanced at all