Warcraft 3 AutoHotkey

This is the Warcraft 3 AutoHotkey download page.
AuthoHotkey is a WC3 tool, that allows you to setup extra hotkeys for Warcraft 3 – for items, chat commands and more!

Info: We published a newer Warcraft 3 Customkeys guide here, that we recommend. (WC3 Customkeys + Inventory Keys)

Warcraft 3 AutoHotkey Download

Warcraft 3 is an old game and sometimes limited in it’s functions. To use inventory items you need an extra software like AutoHotkeys or Warkeys.
What is the difference between Warkeys and Warcraft 3 auto hotkeys? AutoHotkey has more individual customkey possibilities such as swaping keys. You can even setup new functions and custom events.

The Warcraft AutoHotkey tool works great in combination with the Warcraft 3 QWER Customkeys.

Here is the Warcraft 3 AutoHotkey Download:
Download Downloads: 95,958 Download-Size: 2.9 MB

AutoHotkey Installation & Guide

AutoHotkey Settings for Warcraft 3 Customkeys
Warcraft 3 AuthoHotkey Installation:
You can do great stuff with Warcraft 3 Auto Hotkeys. For example, the most of us have a really good gaming mouse, with like 20 keys! 😀 With Auto Hotkey you can bind all of these custom mouse buttons!

  • Download Warcraft 3 Autohotkeys.
  • Install the software on to your PC and open it.
  • Download one of the Warcraft 3 AHK scripts below.
  • Copy the file or the text inside to create a new AHK file.
  • Then place the file in your WC3 folder and create a desktop shortcut. When you rightclick the shortcut (run as admin) the script starts.

AutoHotkey AHK Scripts (Now working up to 1.30):

AHK Script: Inventory item keys (TYGHBN)Download
AHK Script: Inventory item keys (Alt+QWEASD)Download
AHK Script: Put “pause” on F5 (instead of Numlock)Download

Warcraft 3 Auto Hotkey Screenshot

Warcraft 3 Auto Hotkey AHK Scripts

Here are some more things. A great config for Warcraft 3 Auto Hotkey is to swap CTRL with Spacebar, just place the lines at the end of your AHK script and test a bit. 8)
Xbutton2::Numpad7 <--(extra mouse button)
MButton::Tab <--(middle mouse button)
Space::Ctrl (just read the last few lines of the script)

Theres even some “QuickChat” msgs if you press the Numpad #s in game

If you any questions or troubleshooting, just make a comment and we try to help!

Need more Warcraft 3 Customkey Tools? Here is an overview!

Warcraft 3 Auto Hotkey Settings

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hey it’s not working on the old Bnet Games, in Single Games it works.


can be used this AHK script for reforged?

Dion Kolsteren
Dion Kolsteren

het lukt niet om welke hotkey dan ook draaiende te krijgen ….


is this can be used in rgc


Hey, thanks a lot, for the script. How do you actually use the autocast feature? For me that’s the only thing that isn’t working, everything else is working , plus I was able to add a few of my own scripts.


i downloaded the alt qweasd one and it removed my camera grip, how do i get that back