Dota LoD 6.85o5 Download

Welcome Dota friends, this is the Warcraft 3 Dota LoD 6.85o5 Download Page:

Dota LoD 6.85o5 Map Download:

Legends of Dota for Dota 1 got a new great update, created by Dracol1ch! bling It is so nice, that the map is getting further development and the balancing gets better and better. crown
Dota LoD 6.85o5 comes along with new fixes, balancing and some gamemode adjustments to allow a much better gameplay! Download Legends of Dota 6.85o5 and have fun playing!
Here you can get the Dota LoD 6.85o5 Map Download!
This version builds on the big changes of the previous versions (6.85o4 and 6.85o1).

Dota LoD Map Download:Dota LoD Overview
Dota LoD Version:Release Date:File Size:Download:
Dota LoD 6.85o5new01.02.201812.1 MBDownload

Info: Dota LoD 6.85o5 is only playable with Warcraft 3 Patch 1.26! It will not work with any other WC3 Patches (like 1.27, 1.28, 1.29 and so on). Get all WC3 Patches here.

Dota LoD 6.85o5 Changelog:

Dota 6.85o5 LoD
What is new in Dota LoD 6.85o5?

  • The lod.config.ini file in the Warcraft 3 root folder got some new features/commands.
  • 20 Bugs have been fixed from the previous versions.
  • Dota LoD 6.85o5 contains 14 balancing changes to improve Dota spells and skills!
  • Some heroes and spells got adjusted when using Metamorophosis!
  • The mode “-ls” has been reworked.
  • Some HCL modes have been changed.

Dota 6.85o5 Map Preview:

Dota LoD 6.85o5 Map Download
Have fun playing! 8)

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