Warcraft 3 DBZ Tribute Ultra – Free Map Download

In the Warcraft 3 Map DBZ Tribute you pick a character of the Dragonball Z Universe and start to train. This is a Warcraft 3 Hero Arena Map with DBZ Heros.

Warcraft 3 DBZ Tribute Download

The Map is done very nice and the real Dragonball Z Character Models are implemented into DBZ Tribute. For example you can play Son Goku, Picolo or Majin Buu.
On the big Map you should act fast, try to kill creeps to make your character stronger. You also can get pills if you need some. Level up fast to be strong enough to fight other players and stronger bosses!

DBZ Tribute Ultra V16 Download:
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DBZ Tribute Tips and Gameplay

Warcraft 3 Map DBZ Tribute
Dragon Ball Z Tribute is a Hero Arena Warcraft 3 Funmap. If you play Son Goku, Vegeta or Son Gohan you should creep until Lvl 12 and morph into monkey fast. Then you should try to kill Lvl 6 and Lvl 12 Units to level faster.
Warcraft 3 Dragon Ball Z Tribute Fight
After the start, most characters are the same. You must try to do sagas, get Dragonballs. Also you should kill some enemies and do tourneys. But at the start you should play different with every character. Some can lvl fast and some are slower. Always try to get the Dragonballs! If you are new to the Map you can pick Son Goku or Piccolo. Hard to play are Broly, Cooler and Bebi.
Dragon Ball Z Tribute:

DBZ Tribute Arena

This is the Arena that you all know. Here are the duels hold, always try to make some tourneys, they make you stronger.
Dragonball Z Wc3 Arena

DBZ Tribute Screenshot:
DBZ Tribute Screenshot

Which one is your favorite character? 😀

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