The Warcraft 3 Reforged Orc Race (Strategy & All Units)

Welcome to the Warcraft 3 Reforged guide for the orc race, here you can see all heroes, units, buildings and below, a strategy guide with pros and cons.

Warcraft 3 Orc Heroes:

HeroMain AttributeHPManaDamageArmorAbilities
Warcraft 3 Orc Farseer FarseerIntelligence47528521-273
Warcraft 3 Orc Blademaster BlademasterAgility55024026-485
Tauren Chieftaint Tauren ChieftaintStrength72522527-372
Warcraft 3 Orc Shadow Hunter Shadow HunterIntelligence47522522-284

Warcraft 3 Reforged Orc Units:

Peon Peon7.5 (Normal)25000 (Medium)15 seconds7501
Grunt Grunt19.5 (Normal)70001 (Heavy)30 seconds20003
Warcraft 3 Headhunter Headhunter25 (Piercing)35000 (Medium)20 seconds135202
Demolisher Demolisher80.5 (Siege)42502 (Heavy)40 seconds220504
Raider Raider25 (Siege)61001 (Medium)28 seconds180403
Kodobeast Kodobeast18 (Piercing)100001 (Unarmored)30 seconds255604
Wind Rider Wind Rider40 (Pierce)57000 (Light)35 seconds265404
Batrider Batrider14 (Siege)32500 (Light)28 seconds160402
Warcraft 3 Shaman Shaman8.5 (Magic)3352000 (Unarmored)30 seconds130202
Witch Doctor Witch Doctor12 (Magic)3152000 (Unarmored)30 seconds145252
Warcraft 3 Spirit Walker Spirit Walker19.5 (Magic)5003000 (Unarmored)38 seconds195353
Warcraft 3 Tauren Tauren33 (Normal)130003 (Heavy)44 seconds280805

Summons & Special Orc Units:

UnitDamageHPManaArmorProductionMana Costs
Spirit Wolf Spirit Wolf11.5/16.5/21.5 (Normal)200/300/50000 (Heavy)60 seconds75 mana

Warcraft 3 Reforged Orc Buildings:

BuildingHit PointsArmorProductionGoldLumber
Great Hall Great Hall15005 (Fortified)150 seconds385185
Stronghold Stronghold20005 (Fortified)120 seconds315190
Fortress Fortress25005 (Fortified)140 seconds325190
Burrow Burrow6005 (Fortified)50 seconds16040
Altar of the Storms Altar of Storms9005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Barracks Barracks12005 (Fortified)50 seconds18050
Voodoo Lounge Voodoo Lounge5005 (Fortified)60 seconds13030
War Mill War Mill1005 (Fortified)70 seconds2050
Spirit Lodge Spirit Lodge8005 (Fortified)70 seconds150135
Beastiary Beastiary11005 (Fortified)60 seconds145140
Tauren Totem Tauren Totem12005 (Fortified)70 seconds135155
Watch Tower Watch Tower5003 (Fortified)60 seconds11080

Warcraft 3 Reforged Orc Strategy Guide: How to play the Orc Race?

What are the pros and cons of the orc race in WC3 Reforged and how should you play them?

WC3 Reforged Orc LogoAs an orc you have to dictate the game plan or you will fall far behind.

It’s up to you what is happening, you can decide to harass, to creep, or to expand, but it all must always happen while having the opponent under control. You must actively pressure him through pushes or unit presence.

Especially on tier 2, you can create a heavy map control and pressure on the enemy’s army, so that he has to react and to invest into counter units. While seeing that you can counter the counter in time and play smartly and tactical to ruin the opponent’s gameplan.

WC3 Orc Strategy Pros and Cons

Advantages and Strengths of the Orc WC3 Race:

  • Orcs can be very offensive, with heroes like the Blademaster and the Farseer.
  • The units of the orcs are hard to kill: They have a lot of hp so that the army has a high durability.
  • The orc race is extremely strong on tier 2, with Raiders, Web, Kodo Beasts and Spirit Walkers, these units build great synergies.
  • The orc shop is the best of all shops: The healing items, Speed Scroll and Orb of Lightning are by far the best items to buy in shops.
  • Orcs can place Sentry Wards with the Witch Doctor and get map control.
  • If Pillage is used well, you can make a lot of money through hitting enemy buildings.
  • If the Spiked Barricades are researched on tier 2, orc bases are extremely hard to break.

Disadvantages and Weaknesses of the Orc WC3 Race:

  • On tier 1, becore the Spiked Barricades upgrade, burrows are extremely weak and easy to bring down.
  • Orcs have no strong superlate game units, like the other races with Frost Wyrms, Chims and Gryphons.
  • It’s hard for orcs to play against magic spells. They have to purge single units with Shamans or invest a lot into Spirit Walkers with upgrades.
  • The anti-air of orcs is hard to maintain, only the Bats, Raiders and Headhunters can deal with air.
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