The Warcraft 3 Reforged Nightelf Race (Strategy & All Units)

Welcome to the Warcraft 3 Reforged guide for the nightelf race, here you can see all heroes, units, buildings and below, a strategy guide with pros and cons.

Warcraft 3 Nightelf Heroes:

HeroMain AttributeHPManaDamageArmorAbilities
Warcraft 3 Nightelf Keeper of the Grove Keeper of the GroveIntelligence50027020-263
Wacraft 3 Nightelf Demon Hunter Demon HunterAgility57524024-465
Warcraft 3 Nightelf Potm Priestress of the MoonAgility55022526-324
Warcraft 3 Nightelf Warden WardenAgility55022532-384

Warcraft 3 Reforged Nightelf Units:

Warcraft 3 unit Wisp Wisp012000 (Medium)14 seconds6001
Warcraft 3 Archer Archer17 (Piercing)24500 (Medium)20 seconds130102
Warcraft 3 Hippogryph Rider Hippogryph Rider17 (Piercing)76501 (Light)290304
Warcraft 3 Huntress Huntress17 (Normal)60002 (Unarmored)30 seconds195203
Warcraft 3 Glaive Thrower Glaive Thrower44.5 (Siege)30002 (Heavy)48 seconds210653
Warcraft 3 Dryad Dryad18 (Piercing)4352000 (Unarmored)30 seconds145603
Warcraft 3 Hippogryph Hippogryph53.5 (Normal)52500 (Unarmored)30 seconds160202
Warcraft 3 Druid of the Talon Druid of the Talon12 (Magic)3002000 (Unarmored)22 seconds135202
Faerie Dragon Faerie Dragon15 (Piercing)4502000 (Light)25 seconds155252
Warcraft 3 Mountain Giant Mountain Giant34 (Normal)160004 (Medium)50 seconds4251007
Warcraft 3 Bear Druid of the Claw20.5 (Normal)4302001 (Heavy)35 seconds255804
Warcraft 3 Chimaera Chimaera75 (Magic)100002 (Light)65 seconds330705

Summons & Special Nightelf Units:

UnitDamageHPManaArmorProductionMana Costs
Treant Treant11.5/16.5/21.5 (Normal)30000 (Heavy)60 seconds125 mana
Owl Owl0Invulnerable60/90/120 seconds100/75/50 mana
Avatar of Vengeance Avatar of Vengeance30.5 (Normal)120002 (Heavy)180 seconds150 mana
Spirit of Vengeance Spirit of Vengeance19 (Piercing)0Invulnerable50 seconds

Warcraft 3 Reforged Nightelf Buildings:

BuildingHit PointsArmorProductionGoldLumber
Tree of Life Tree of Life13002 (Fortified)120 seconds340185
Tree of Ages Tree of Ages17002 (Fortified)140 seconds320180
Tree of Eternity Tree of Eternity20002 (Fortified)140 seconds330200
Moon Well Moon Well6005 (Fortified)50 seconds18040
Altar of Elders Altar of Elders9005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Ancient of War Ancient of War10002 (Fortified)60 seconds15060
Hunters Hall Hunter’s Hall11005 (Fortified)60 seconds210100
Ancient of Lore Ancient of Lore9002 (Fortified)70 seconds155145
Ancient of Wind Ancient of Wind9002 (Fortified)60 seconds150140
Ancient of Wonders Ancient of Wonders4502 (Fortified)60 seconds9030
Chimaera Roost Chimaera Roost12005 (Fortified)80 seconds140190
Treant Protector Ancient Protector6001 (Fortified)60 seconds13580
Entangled Goldmine Entangled Gold Mine8001 (Fortified)60 seconds00

Warcraft 3 Reforged Nightelf Strategy Guide: How to play the Nightelf Race?

What are the pros and cons of the nightelf race in WC3 Reforged and how should you play them?

WC3 Reforged Nightelf LogoNightelfs usually play with only one or two heroes and have to create an advantage in the game. They have to analyse the enemy and create map control for beeing able to expand everywhere.

Dependent on the gameplan nightelf can be very offensive through mass strategies like mass Archers, mass Hunts, or mass Dryads, but have to seriously overcommit into something to create dominance.

With even supply numbers, nightelfs often fall behind, and especially in the late game, they are the weakest race. Because of that a good economy, tactical advantages, higher hero levels, and a flexible playstyle are key to win over other races.

WC3 Nightelf Strategy Pros and Cons

Advantages and Strengths of the Nightelf WC3 Race:

  • Wisps can scout ver nicely, because they can jump onto any tree to harvest lumber. Like that you won’t lose the harvesting time.
  • Through great spread of Wisps a lot of advantages are possible: You can expand easily, you can dispell the enemies mana or block units and heroes if you chase them.
  • Nightelfs can do AOW creeping at the game start which boosts their creep potential.
  • The Monwells with self-filling moon-juice is extremely powerful to heal up fast and creep fast.
  • The Staff of Preservation can be bought at tier 2, which is cheap, and can save a lot of units and heroes easily.
  • The tactical options and strategies are great for nightelfs, they can invest into range, melee or even air.

Disadvantages and Weaknesses of the Nightelf WC3 Race:

  • Wisps are easy to kill and can cause a lack of lumber fast.
  • Nightelfs can be rushed in the early game without any serious protection.
  • If the vulnerable entangled gold mine is destroyed, nightelfs lose a lot of time of getting gold income.
  • The nightelf heroes are mostly solo stars and only some build synergies.
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