The Warcraft 3 Reforged Human Race (Strategy & All Units)

Welcome to the Warcraft 3 Reforged guide for the human race, here you can see all heroes, units, buildings and below, a strategy guide with pros and cons.

Warcraft 3 Human Heroes:

HeroMain AttributeHPManaDamageArmorAbilities
Warcraft 3 Hero Archmage ArchmageIntelligence45028521-273
Warcraft 3 Human Mountainking Mountain KingStrength70022526-362
Warcraft 3 Human Paladin PaladinStrength65025524-344
Bloodmage Blood MageIntelligence65025524-344

Warcraft 3 Reforged Human Units:

Warcraft 3 Human Peaseant Peasant5.5 (Normal)22000 (Medium)15 seconds7501
Footman Footman12.5 (Normal)42002 (Heavy)20 seconds13502
Rifleman Rifleman21 (Piercing)53500 (Medium)26 seconds205303
Warcraft 3 Knight Knight34 (Normal)83505 (Heavy)40 seconds245604
Warcraft 3 Priest Priest8.5 (Magic)2902000 (Unarmored)28 seconds135102
Sorceress Sorceress11 (Magic)3252000 (Unarmored)30 seconds155202
Spellbreaker Spell Breaker14 (Normal)6002503 (Medium)28 seconds215303
Dragon Hawkrider Dragon Hawk19 (Piercing)5753001 (Light)28 seconds200303
Gryphon Gryphon Rider50 (Magic)82500 (Light)45 seconds280704
Gyrocopter Flying Machine14.5 (Piercing)20002 (Heavy)13 seconds90301
Warcraft 3 Mortar Team Mortar Team58 (Siege)36000 (Heavy)32 seconds180703
Warcraft 3 Siege Tank Siege Engine50 (Siege)70002 (Fortified)55 seconds195603

Summons & Special Human Units:

UnitDamageHPManaArmorProductionMana Costs
Militia Militia12.5 (Normal)22004 (Heavy)45 seconds
Water Elemental Water Elemental20/35/45 (Piercing)525/675/90000/1/2 (Heavy)60 seconds125 mana
Phoenix Phoenix68 (Magic)125001 (Light)50 seconds0 mana

Warcraft 3 Reforged Human Buildings:

BuildingHit PointsArmorProductionGoldLumber
Townhall Town Hall15005 (Fortified)180 seconds385205
Keep Keep20005 (Fortified)140 seconds320210
Castle Castle25005 (Fortified)140 seconds360210
Farm Farm5005 (Fortified)35 seconds8020
Altar of Kings Altar of Kings9005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Barracks Barracks15005 (Fortified)60 seconds16060
Lumber Mill Lumber Mill9005 (Fortified)60 seconds1200
Blacksmith Blacksmith12005 (Fortified)70 seconds14060
Workshop Workshop12005 (Fortified)60 seconds140140
Arcane Sanctum Arcane Sanctum10505 (Fortified)70 seconds150140
Arcane Vault Arcane Vault4855 (Fortified)60 seconds13030
Gryphon Aviary Gryphon Aviary12005 (Fortified)75 seconds140150
Scout Tower Scout Tower3300 (Light)20 seconds3020
Guard Tower Guard Tower5005 (Heavy)50 seconds7050
Arcane Tower Arcane Tower5005 (Heavy)50 seconds7050
Cannon Tower Cannon Tower6005 (Fortified)75 seconds170100

Warcraft 3 Reforged Human Strategy Guide: How to play the Human Race?

What are the pros and cons of the human race in WC3 Reforged and how should you play them?Dependent on your matchup, always focus on something you can commit to, for humans a good macro and economy is often key to win the match.

Warcraft 3 Refordged Human LogoIt’s a challenging task to get an expansion up, surive the mid game and win in the lategame. In the meantime a lot of stuff can happen, and as you get better, try to be prepared for any possible situation.

For human players the power curve swings up and down often. If you are building an expansion, then you are far behind and are investing into a better late game. But if you reach a fast tier 2 hero with a mountain king second you are deadly strong. Learn to actively know at what times you are stronger and at what times you are weaker. You have to act differently.

A good tip is to turn any defensive scenario into an offensive. This can be done directly or preventative: If you get attacked or if you know that you could get attacked soon, go for a counter push. For example, rush the undeads base and try to get down acolytes. Being offensive can be extremely powerful in human matches.

WC3 Human Strategy Pros and Cons

Advantages and Strengths of the Human WC3 Race:

  • Humans can creep super fast in the early game with militia support.
  • The humans are best when it comes to expanding: They can powerbuild any building (using multiple worker at once) to get an expansion up fast, which is expensive though. The human towers allow great expansion defense potential.
  • Humans can profit a lot from armor, the units connected with Inner Fire and the Paladin aura can great a high armor synergy.
  • Also the buildings, if upgraded in the lumber mill, are extremely hard to bring down.
  • Human Towers are small and can be grouped at one place very well.
  • A lot of tactics are possible, the human race in Warcraft 3 Reforged can focus on casters, melee, range, air, triple heroes and so on and everything is played different.
  • The item Staff of Sanctuary from the shop is extremely powerful in matches where humans reach tier 3.

Disadvantages and Weaknesses of the Human WC3 Race:

  • Human units are often weak or lp and can be taken out easily by strong nukes.
  • The humans are some kind of weak in the early game, because the opponents can easily delay and disturb any plans, like expansions or creeping.
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