Best Hero Line Wars Map for Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3 Map Hero Line Wars
Hero Line Wars is a teamplay hero defense map for Warcraft 3. This is a Map every Warcraft 3 User has played once in his Life. 😀

Download the best version of Warcraft 3 Hero Line Wars and dispatch your enemies! 😎

Hero Line Wars Download:

This version is Warcraft 3 Hero Line Wars 9.3 (best version). Some heros sucked before, but in 9.3 there are new heros, new tomes and 1 new ring for a better and balanced gameplay.
Download Hero Line Wars V9.3 here.

Downloads: 116,872 Download-Size: 922.7 KB

Warcraft 3 Hero Line Wars: Pick & Defend

In Warcraft 3 Hero Line Wars you pick a hero and your team fights passive versus the opponent team.

Passive means you that you don’t fight versus their heros but against the creep Hordes they send.
To increase your income you must produce units, which will attack your enemies and vice versa.

With the earned money you can produce more units to kill your enemies and to boost your income or you buy Item’s for your Hero.

Hero Line Wars 9.3
In Hero Line Wars you must find the a good way between getting more Gold, and spending enough Items for your Hero to be able to defend. If you can’t defend it you lose the game so this is important too!

Hero Line Wars Map Overview

Here is a video of the Game =)

Have Fun Playing – Share and Comment! 🙂

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4 years ago

hi! how might I find people to play this map if there are no computer players possible?

3 years ago
Reply to  Tanner