The Ultimate Guide To Use The Fortnite Glider Efficiently

Today we are going to talk about the gliders in Fortnite Battle Royale!

It’s ridiculous how many mistakes Fortnite players make while using the glider and how much more they could get out of it!

1. What Do I Need To Know About The Fortnite Glider?

Let’s start with the introduction of the glider first:
A glider is an item which a player activates in the Battle Royale while jumping off the Battle Bus, you can consider it as a type of parachute.

The main purpose of a glider is to save you from the fall damage. Equip with badass Fortnite Glider Skins, which every Fortnite player wants to have!

The Glider – The tool that allows you to fly in Fortnite Battle Royale:
Fortnite Battle Royale Glider Screenshot

  • The most important role of a glider is to save you from your death. Whenever you fall down from a height the glider can save you. A glider can only be used in the air otherwise you cannot activate it at all. If you are thinking that it would work like a kite, unfortunately, you are wrong: To deploy this item you have to be in the air.
  • A glider has one big disadvantage as well: You cannot use a weapon or other items while gliding, because both of your player’s hands are holding the glider. So, if your enemy sees you in the air then thaa thaa thaa!!
  • You can only use a Fortnite glider at a certain height but sometimes it automatically deploys to save you from the fall damage. You can test it as well and jump from a very high building or a cliff.

2. Examples Of Some Bad Ass Skins For The Fortnite Battle Royale Glider:

If you want to fly in the air with style then these are the best Fortnite glider skins for you. Look at that dope frost wing glider, just imagine your player is holding it:

Fortnite Glider FrostwingFrostwing GliderLegendaryGlider vcoin 1500
Fortnite Glider Laser ChompLaser ChompLegendaryGlider vcoin 1500
Fortnite Glider Hot RideHot RideLegendaryGlider vcoin 1500

Situations Where You Can Use The Glider In Battle Royale:

The Battle Bus:Fortnite Battle Bus ScreenshotThe main help, a glider provides is when you are jumping out of the Fortnite battle bus.
After jumping you can immediately activate it by pressing space on PC, X on PlayStation 4, A on Xbox One, and B on Nintendo Switch.

Or you wait and enjoy in the air! 😉
When you will reach a certain height it will be activated automatically.

Launch Pads: Fortnite Battle Royale LaunchpadYou may have heard about the Fortnite launch pads or may have seen them in the game.:
The main purpose of a launch pad is to give your player a push. You just have to jump on the pad and it will make you fly in the air. That push will automatically activate your Glider.
Note: If you want to be in the air for longer then place your launch pad at a greater height. It will make you stick in the air for longer.
Rift-To-Go:Fortnite Rift to Go PortalRift-to-Go is an item which can directly take you into the sky with the help of a rift.

But let me tell you a simple trick which can take you high above the sky. Build stairs above each other and build until you reach to a good height then jump from there and immediately use the Rift-To-Go.

WTF is this!? I am pretty sure these are going to be your next words. A must try! bizeps

Six Tips To Use The Glider Efficiently In Fortnite Battle Royale:

  • Loots and weapons are necessary for every player, so while falling from the battle bus try to aim directly to the ground and do not activate your glider manually. It will help you to fall faster and you will be able to collect more loot and weapons. If you activate the glider right after falling, then it will reduce your speed.
  • If you want to land faster than others, then target high ground landing areas instead of low ground. Go for high building or mountains it will activate your glider faster.
  • You can land in curves to confuse your enemy. The enemy will not be able to aim properly. Try to sway your character left to right while using the glide. It can help you in better landing as well and it will protect you from the enemy attacks.
  • Gliders are very helpful in avoiding storms as well. Somehow if you get into a critical situation and the storm is near or you get stuck into the storm then use the Rift-To-Go item, the Launch Pad – or both. Using both will give you a boost and you will fly higher into the sky. It will help you to avoid the Fortnite storm easily.
  • If you are a scout or tactical type of player, gliders are perfect for you. If you are on a good height, the glider can help to easily scout a huge area. Knowing the terrain, can help you later to eliminate your enemies.
  • If somehow your enemies have covered you and you have no place to run, then the glider can save your life. Put down a launch pad or use the Rift-To-Go item, it will save you instantly. But don’t let your guard down because the enemies still can shoot, so try to sway your character in the air.

Mission completed! 😀

Try to save everything you’ve learned today in your brain! lama

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