Fortnite Battle Pass

Fortnite Battle Pass

All Battle Pass Seasons

SeasonDurationMax TierPriceGuide
Season 803/19 – TBD
Season 712/18 – 02/19100950 vcoinSeason 7 Guide
Season 609/18 – 12/18100950 vcoinSeason 6 Guide
Season 507/18 – 09/18100950 vcoinSeason 5 Guide
Season 405/18 – 07/18100950 vcoinSeason 4 Guide
Season 302/18 – 04/18100950 vcoinSeason 3 Guide
Season 212/17 – 02/1870950 vcoinSeason 2 Guide
Season 110/17 – 12/17950 vcoinSeason 1 Guide

Battle Pass Guide

Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

1. What is the Fortnite Battle Pass?

The Fortnite Battle Pass is a system for the Battle Royale mode which allows to clear missions and earn ingame rewards if you level up.
Each Battle Pass is just for one Season and contains two components:

  • The Free Pass: Available for all players who don’t want to purchase.
  • The Battle Pass: The full Battle Pass that can be bought in the Fortnite Item Shop. It contains many more rewards.

The Fortnite Battle Pass itself always desribes both components. For each new Season, Epic Games releases a new Battle Pass with new missions to complete and new awesome rewards! The Battle Pass lets you level faster because of the challenges and quests that you can complete, it has a really nice rewarding system.

2. How to get the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass has to be bought in the Cash Item Shop – just buy & unlock it.
What is the Battle Pass price?
As you can see in the table above the Fortnite Battle Pass price has always been 950 V-Bucks.
The price for the Battle Pass Seasons has always been the same, but it may be changed in the future.
For Free:
The Free Pass is available for free and includes some cool rewards that you can unlock. It is up to you if you want to unlock even more and purchase the full Battle Pass. If you are an active player the Fortnite BR Battle Pass is a good investment.

3. What are Battle Pass Levels and XP?

The progress of the Battle Pass is seperated into two things: The Battle Pass Season Level and the Battle Pass Tiers.
About the Season XP and Level:

  • You performance ingame gets rewarded with Season XP. If you do more eliminations and get a higher placement then you get more Season XP.
  • With the Season XP the Season level increases, to get a lot complete the Battle Pass Challenges.
  • Season XP can be boosted with personal, friend & combo (both together) XP Boosts.

4. What are Battle Pass Tiers?

  • To increase the Battle Pass Tier collect Battle Stars, for every 10 Stars you can increase the Battle Pass Tier by 1.
  • You can buy the next Battle Pass Tier for vcoin 150 V-Bucks.
  • To get Battle Stars, complete Battle Pass Challenges, see the table below.

5. How to get Battle Stars in Fortnite?

Complete a daily Challenge5 Battle Stars
Complete a weekly Challenge5 Battle Stars
Complete a HARD weekly Challenge10 Battle Stars
Season Level up2 Battle Stars
Season level reaches a multiple of 55 Battle Stars
Season level reaches a multiple of 1010 Battle Stars

To find further information about every Season find the Table on top!
If you have any questions make a comment below! lama