Top Fortnite Battle Royale Landing Spots for Beginners

Landing in Fortnite Battle Royale is an important discipline to give you a great start in each game session. This is part one of the Fortnite landing guides, check out the Fortnite Skill guide overview here. I will teach you the necessary basics to be able to start your game beneficial to win the Victory Royale! Let’s start! crown

1. The Fortnite Battle Royale Landing Spot

When you are in the flying Fortnite Battle Bus you have to decide the place where you want to land!
It is very important for you if you want the Victory Royale, because the place where you land mostly decides the fate of your player: If you land at a place which doesn’t contain any good items or a place which is near the storm then you are dead for sure. You have to keep a few things in mind before and after landing into an area.Fortnite Battle Bus

2. Fortnite Landing Guide:

You have to decide a few good places and practice those places again and again. I am suggesting more than 1 landing place because you cannot always drop at one place.

Here is an example: You land at the mystery mansion and in one game 20 more other players are going to land in mystery mansion then that place is not safe for you. That’s why you have to keep some backup plans!

Keep your back to the Fortnite Storm.

If you have eyes on the Victory Royale then this point is going to be your key aspect. Because it guides you to keep your back to the Fortnite Storm and stick to the edges of the safe zone. Sometimes you would not even realize that you are too far away from the safe zone because you landed in the wrong place. The more you will stick in the Fortnite safe zone the more kills and loot you will get. If you want to avoid the storm then drop near the coasts. Follow this suggestion and you will thank this guide for sure. 😉 Fortnite Map - Keep your back to the Storm

In Fortnite Height usually wins:

Somehow, if you have landed in an area which is too far from the safe zone, then I can guide you how you can easily reach the safe zone. First of all, you have to look for some mountains in the direction of the safe zone. If you have found one then scale on itand build a three-high tower.

This tower can provide you two benefits you can reach the safe zone faster and it can also protect you from the snipers and other enemies. But don’t think that they would not be able to see you, they can see you for sure because you are building, but no one will be able to reach you easily! If somehow some enemy player tries to reach you by building structures, then you will know it for sure. Building structures does make a lot of noise and with the help of that noise you will know that some enemy is near. Then you can keep your guard up!In Fortnite BR height winsNote: Always keep your structure three-highs, because when jumping off you will not get any damage. But if you go for more than three then you will receive some damage while jumping. But if you go for less than three, enemies will approach you easily.

Let me show you some awesome landing spots and also the worst landing spots in Battle Royale.

3. The Best Landing Spots in Fortnite for Beginners

I have already explained the importance of the landing spots in Fortnite, now let me suggest you some good landing spots which can help you in winning the Victory Royale. After many research and experience, I have selected seven good places in Battle Royale which can help you in getting near to the Victory Royale:Fortnite Battle Royale Map with Landing Spots

Top Landing Spots for Fortnite Beginners:

  • The motel to the west of Anarchy Acres.
  • The watchtower north of the Wailing Woods.
  • The pool near the Tilted Towers.
  • The Moisty Mire.
  • Snobby Shores.
  • The hidden tunnel near Tomato Town.
  • South-east of Dusty Depot.

These are the seven places I am suggesting you for landing. Because of some reasons, I am suggesting you to land on these areas. First, these areas have more chances of getting Fortnite loot, second, you can reach to the safe zone easily and third, you do not have to face many enemies in these areas (limited amount). Make a note and write it on the back of your hand: The Fortnite areas with a lot of buildings and houses are usually heavily crowded.

Fortnite Landing Spots that are really dangerous:

There are five dangerous places in Fortnite which you should avoid as a Fortnite beginner. If you want to get far up to the top 10 players of the Battle Royale match, then these areas are not for you, but if you are playing just for fun then you can waste your time on these areas.

  • Tilted Towers.
  • Salted Springs.
  • Shifty Shafts.
  • Pleasant Park.
  • Sports Centre.

The worst Landing Spots in Fortnite Battle Royale:
These areas are considered as the worst places in Battle Royale because of there less win rate and high loss rate. According to a research, only 19% of players have achieved Victory Royale, who dropped at this place. Because it contains too many open areas, mostly at the edges of the map, you have to explore a lot to find good weapons.

Use these tricks if you land in bad areas:
If somehow you have to land in any of these locations then you can follow these cautions:

  • Plan your escape ASAP and mark a route.
  • Avoid running in open areas. Find a full scouting guide for this here.
  • Equip yourself, don’t waste time finding too many items.
  • Gather materials so they can help you in critical situations.
  • Go for a vehicle so you can cover more area in less time.

That’s it! Find the next Fortnite guide here.

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