8 Badass Tips to Improve the Aiming In Fortnite Battle Royale

Are you unable yet to take enemies down fast?

Do your enemies always get away?

If these are the problems you are facing, then don’t worry anymore:

In this guide, we are going to discuss briefly how to improve the aiming skills in Fortnite Battle Royale. Let’s start:

1. Setup the Perfect Fortnite Aiming Settings:

The first thing that is compulsory for a PC/laptop gamer is the mouse sensitivity. To aim perfectly, the sensitivity of the mouse should be according to the player’s comfort.

In aiming, the sensitivity of the mouse plays a crucial role, if the sensitivity of the mouse is not according to your needs, aiming in Fortnite will be much harder.

Check the Fortnite settings and adjust the mouse sensivity, while doing this keep two things in mind:
1. Do not adjust the sensitivity too high otherwise your player will only spray bullets in the air.
2. If the adjustment is too low then your player would not be able to respond on time.Fortnite Mouse Sensivity OptionsIt is efficient to adjust all Fortnite aiming options on a moderate level and then practice on those adjustments.

Note: According to a study 80% of Fortnite players go for moderate settings, but it’s the right call to optimize these Fortnite aiming setting, because if done right it will give you an upwarding advantage!

It’s the basic setup for good aiming in Fortnite Battle Royale – you have to feel the mouse, you have to know where the bullets will land! 😀

2. Master the Accuracy in Fortnite to Land more Kills:

In Fortnite, Accuracy is an ability which can be learned after some time and with practice!Fortnite weapon accuracyFortnite Accuracy depends on three factors:

  • The sensitivity of the mouse (30%).
  • The weapon player is holding (30%).
  • Players consistency (40%).

Above we discussed the sensitivity of the mouse, let us talk about the weapons now:
All weapons are different from each other, some have a good reload time, greater damage, or: a high accuracy. If you want to improve your aiming skills in Fortnite Battle Royale, it’s a good option to choose the high accuracy weapons, in our weapons guide we have briefly discussed the weapons.

Practice as much as you can, try to be consistent! It will help in improving the accuracy, test around with which weapons you are able to shoot consistently and stable and stick to these weapons. 😉

3. Make Use of Crouching to be Extremely Precise:

Whenever an enemy is visible but quite far away and you do not trust your aiming skills, then you might consider to crouch!Crouching helps to increase the accuracy in Fortnite and to focus way better.
If you want to master this technique, check out the Fortnite crouching shooting guide.

4. How to Eliminate Enemies with Poor Aiming Skills:

Whenever an enemy is in sight, go for his upper torso. Never shoot at the lower area of an enemy, it’s just a waste of time and ammo.

Aim at the head or shoulder – this technique is effective only in mid and close range fights. In long range fights, it’s the best option to go for the complete body, like the middle of the player or also the upper torso because sometimes there are chances that it might hit the head!Fortnite Scope AimingNever move into an ongoing battle or into the crossfire! Crouch or hide somewhere and eliminate the enemies from long range with the help of the scope! There are many chances that the enemy will not be able to detect you.

5. Always use the High Ground in Fortnite Battle Royale:

High ground in Fortnite gives you many advantages, one of them is better aiming!Highground Aiming AdvantageHigh ground also helps in detecting enemies fast and because of the higher to a lower angle, it gets easier to knock an enemy out: You will have a higher chance to make headshots because the first thing you see of your enemy is the head and the bullet is flying downwards!
This tip is very efficient, to improve the aiming skills the easy way.

6. Avoid Low Ground shooting in Fortnite Battle Royale

It’s definitely clear, that low ground is the exact opposite of high ground, and it will provide you with all of the disadvantages:
But while this is crystal clear, make sure that you never take such fights, if you are not convinced that you have the better weapon (like a sniper) to win that fight.If not, change your position fast or stay covered until it’s the right time to move out. If you have to fight, snipers are the best weapons for low ground shooting.

7. How to Predict an Enemy’s Movement in Fortnite:

Many players asked me how to aim at an enemy which has good movement skills.

The answer is, you have to predict your enemy’s movement.

Let us discuss how you can do that: Gauge your enemy’s movements and align your shot where you think they’ll be heading. Snipers are the perfect example for this: Most of the time sniper’s reply on predicting your enemies position.Fortnite Crosshair ShootingWhenever there is a moving enemy in front of you, adjust your crosshairs into the direction your enemy is running to. Whenever your enemy will get into the crosshair start shooting (Try to aim for the torso). It’s great to place the shots in front of the enemy, that means you have to calculate the distance and place the shots where the enemy will be in 0.1 seconds for example. It depends on the distance, just try around a bit!

If an enemy has a habit of jumping then do not worry:
Try to shoot at them when they are in the middle of the jump. Because there are fewer chances that an enemy will change its direction while jumping and he has definitely to fall down:
Do not spray – release calm shots in the middle of the jump, you will hit more with fewer & controlled bullets!

8. Fortnite Pop Shot Step by Step Guide (Best Shooting Technique)

The name of this badass technique is Fortnite Pop Shot – maybe some of you have heard about it: It is an effective technique for Fortnite beginners because it helps in playing offensive as well as defensive. But also for advanced Fortnite players this is an essential tactic for open area fights!Fortnite Pop Shot Technique guideNote: This technique is efficient in mid-range fights:The Pop Shot Technique:

  • Whenever an enemy is on your site, first of all, think about your defense: Build a wall in front of you and a stair to see your enemy.
  • Then crouch down and move to the edge of your structure, crouching will make it difficult for the enemy to kill you.
  • Move up slowly until the enemy is in your sight but do not reveal yourself properly.
  • When you think you are ready to fire, stand up or jump and start shooting. Don’t prolong your fire and duck back down!
  • Then repeat the above step again and again until your enemy is knocked out.

Move on to the next Fortnite Skill Guide here.

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