How to Spot Enemies Fast in Fortnite – Perfect Scouting Tips

Good Weapon skills are necessary to earn the Victory Royale but spotting the enemy is also necessary. In this guide, I will teach you how you can spot your enemy without dying, avoid being spotted by your enemy and some tips for your movement.

This guide is part of the Level 1 Fortnite skill guides.

1. Learn to Spot Enemies Fast

If you pay attention location of the enemy then it is hard for the enemy to kill you. Because you are aware of the surroundings and you would never let your guard down until the enemy is dead or gone, you also have a plan in mind to eliminate that enemy. You can also use the visual’s and the cues, the game provides to identify that an enemy player is near you or not.

Visual and auditory cues can show you that any enemy player has been to this location or not. We can take the building doors of Fornite as an example of visual and cues. All the doors of a building are closed until they are opened if they are opened then it means, some enemy was here or still is near you.

Buildings with open doors:
Note: A door stays open until a player closes it. So, avoid buildings with open doors because maybe an enemy player will be waiting for you in the building.
Open Doors Fortnite Buildings

Empty loot boxes:
Avoid going near open or empty loot boxes because someone was there before you and it can also be a bait that somebody opened the loot box but left the items as bait. So, avoid it. If you still want to go then analyze the surroundings first and then proceed.
Fortnite Empty Loot Boxes

Broken Structures:
Broken walls, buildings, doors etc. are all signs that somebody was here or still is here. So, avoid these type of places or if you think someone is in there then hide somewhere and wait for the enemy to come out. Then eliminate that noob! 😀

Structures built:
Structures built by other enemies or a sign that a fight started here and maybe the enemy is still in structure to protect itself. In this situation, you should go because there are many chances that you can kill the enemy by using a trap or a bomb. But one thing while going near the structure keep your eyes open there must be other enemies near also.
Fortnite Structures Built

Use Sound:
Use Sound to hear enemiesIn Fortnite, you have to keep your eyes as well as your ears open because auditory cues help you in detecting the enemies by voices. Let me tell you how. Whenever you hear some footsteps then it means you are in trouble because the enemy is really close to you. Running makes a lot of noise if you have your headsets on then you can easily detect the enemy by their running noise. Otherwise, you are in big trouble.

Whenever you are moving on the ground and hear the voice of an Axe than keep your guard up because an enemy player is harvesting materials by using the axe and it also makes a lot of noise which you can easily hear.Fortnite Sounds while Farming Resources

I think all these points are enough to spot an enemy, pay attention to all of these then you can easily kill your enemy. Hunters will be hunted. 8)

2. Prevent Getting Spotted Easily in Fortnite

Now, it time for us to hide, now I will guide you that how you can avoid getting spotted by the enemy. This guide is necessary for you if you want the Victory Royale.

Close the door:
Whenever you enter into a building always close its door, you can make it your habit. A closed door is helpful in many ways, the enemy would not be able to know that you are near or not, you can also hide behind the door and wait for your enemy to come.
Fortnite camping in buildings

While exploring whenever you think an enemy is near, get down. Crouching will make you slow for sure but the enemy would not be able to hear your footsteps and it will also be difficult for the enemy to detect you.Crouching in Fortnite

No idle or random building:
Only build structures when it is necessary. Unnecessary structures will lead to two disadvantages enemies will easily detect you and wastage of resources. Use structures when you are stuck somewhere, want to run from the enemy or for defense.Building Structures in Fortnite

Use obstacles:
Stay away from the open areas because you can easily get shot by a sniper. Get into a safe area, crouch behind a tree or a bush. It will get difficult for the enemy to detect you.Hiding in Fortnite

Now, let’s move forward to the tips for the basic movements.

3. Fortnite Basic Scouting Tips and Tricks

  • Try to crouch whenever you are in an open area or somewhere near a battle.
  • Avoid running in open areas.
  • Whenever an enemy starts shooting at you starting jumping at different angles and shoots while jumping.
  • While exploring use an axe instead of a gun.
  • In grassy areas lay down and move because most of the snipers are in these type of areas.

That’s it! Find the next guide in the Fortnite Skill guide overview.

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