How to profit from Jump and Crouch Shooting in Fortnite Battle Royale

Are you facing difficulties in shooting?

You can’t aim properly yet?

Enemy players kill you while shooting?

If the answer is yes, this guide is going to provide you with the proper solution:

We are going to discuss multiple Fortnite shooting techniques. If you desire to become an expert in Fortnite then do not skip this guide.

1. How to Aim Properly During Fortnite Battles?

Every Fortnite player may have heard about crouching in Fortnite, it is a minor feature in Fortnite and plays a crucial role.Crouch Shooting in FortniteMost of the players, sometimes even professionals forget using it:
This feature can deal with all your shooting/aiming problems. Let us see which benefits crouching can provide to a player and if it’s worth to use.

When is the right time to crouch and shoot in Battle Royale?

Before moving towards the main benefits of crouching, it’s necessary to know, when you should use crouch shooting in Fortnite:Long Range Shots in Fortnite Crouching is preferred when a player has to shoot at mid or long-range enemies.
Avoid using crouch shooting in close range battles because if an enemy is carrying a shotgun, one bullet is enough! 😀

Why should you crouch at all?
Crouching makes a player smaller, that means it’s going to be difficult for an enemy to aim a smaller target. Some guns in Fornite are not able to shoot properly at smaller targets or far away targets, weapons start losing their accuracy. Players using crouching have more chances to survive.

How to Eliminate Enemies with the Help of Crouching:

Crouching is a technique which can easily help those players who can not aim properly (yet).
As mentioned before crouch shooting is used in mid or long-range battles, crouching can lessen the bullet spread from your aim and increases the accuracy of your shot.Increase the AccuracyIf a player wants to practically experience it, shoot at an enemy while you are running or moving and then shoot at an enemy while crouching.
You will experience the difference for sure!

How to Sneak and Bring Down Enemies Without Revealing Yourself:

In one of our previous guide, we have discussed how a player can move (and even farm) without creating noise in Fortnite Battle Royale.Whenever an enemy is in your sight, crouch and move and try to get near to the enemy and start shooting – I am damn sure the enemy will not be able to locate the exact position.

With the help of this combo, a player can make a blood bath in game. 8) 8)
Now, ask yourself if crouching is worth using or not? 😉

2. Want to Avoid Getting Shot by Enemy Players in Fortnite?

Jumping is a technique which most of the players take lightly, players consider it as a normal feature which almost every game has.Fortnite Jump ShootingMastering the jumping feature in Fortnite can create chaos in the map. Let us discuss how jumping is essential to survive in Fortnite Battle Royale matches.

Do not let the enemy aim properly:
Jump shooting is mainly used in close range fights. Jumping makes your movements unpredictable and the enemy will not be able to aim properly.

But of course, it will be also harder for yourself to aim straight while you jump!

How to Eliminate Enemies with One Shot:

In one of our previous guides, we have discussed the importance of height in Fortnite. Jumping also gives a player a slight height advantage, it depends on the situations as well.Shot Gun Jump Shooting While jumping, a player has more chances to hit the enemies head – Yes! you are right! You can go for the headshot! xo

If somehow you are not able to place a headshot but a body shot, do not be sad because that one shot will consume a huge amount of health.
Try to make one more good shot and the enemy is dead.

How to Make the Enemy Panic During Battles:

Whenever an enemy is too close, start jumping in random directions, it will confuse and panic your enemy at the same time. If you have good aiming skills, then you can backfire as well. Otherwise, wait for the enemy to reload and then eliminate him. 😀

Strong Weapons for Jump Shots:

In our loadout guide, we discussed that a player should keep weapons which can be used in multiple situations.Shotgun for close range fightsOne of them was the shotgun, jump shooting is highly effective when a player is holding a shotgun, because you always use this technique in close range battles.

3. Combination of Crouch and Jump Shooting in Battle Royale:

Let us discuss that how to play offensive and defensive at the same time with the help of crouching and jumping.Fortnite Jump and Crouch ShootingCombine the crouch shooting and jump shooting technique and astonish your enemies. “WTF is this?” – your enemies will ask themselves! 😀

A player can also build structures while moving it will help in getting a high ground advantage. The higher your player is the more chances you have to place a headshot. Cover your surroundings with enemy blood! ;)) 

Note: This technique is not that easy to master you have to practice multiple times.
Don’t get dishearted if you die in the first try.

Move on to the next Fortnite shooting guide (Level 5).

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