Endgame Positioning Pro Tips for Fortnite Battle Royale

When Fortnite Battle Royale is reaching the late game, the interesting part of the game begins!

The intensity increases when the safe zone is reaching its limit: In the last few minutes of the game, players have to express their skills completely!

The end game positioning skills in Fortnite will boost your win rate as well as the knowledge what you need to do to achieve the Victory Royale.

End Game Positioning Tips for Fortnite Battle Royale

Most of the players die in the late game because of the lack of positioning skills:
In the late game, the only thing that matters is patience and good positioning.

If you don’t want bad positioning to come in the way of your Victory Royale then mark all the upcoming tips in your mind:

1. Perfect Fortnite End Game Positioning Examples:

  • When the End Game is near in a Fortnite match, the best move is to go for the center of the safe zone and to a position in an area which will provide you with offensive as well as defensive advantages!

    Keep this basic strategy in mind and try to actively search for these areas, it’s the best preparation you can do!

  • Move to high ground structures or build your own high ground it will help in cross firing and to profit from the height. The accuracy of the shots will also increase and you’ve more chances to place headshots.
  • Hide your presence until you reach your desired area – do not let your enemy know from where you are shooting (hide behind objects or crouch).
  • Make decisions based on your Fortnite equipment, sometimes it’s better to take ranged and sometimes it’s better to take close fights!

2. Bad Fortnite End Game Positioning Examples:

  • When the End game is near do not stand or run into open areas! Campers will take you down with one shot.
  • Avoid going for the low ground it’s hard to shoot at a higher angle, as we have explained the disadvantages of the low ground in previous guides.
  • Firing without any purpose or exposing the location is the biggest mistake a player can make. Don’t act like a noob: Have some patience and wait for enemies to come out.
    Stay hidden as long as you can and act calm.

    Keep the basic Fortnite movement tips and tricks in mind to survive longer, because the end game tips will not help if you die earlier. 😉

What if there is no High Ground left in the End game?

If no natural high ground is left in the late game, it’s time to use your building skills: Build your own Fortnite Fort and start scouting. The higher you will build the more advantages you will get.build your own Fortnite high groundNote: Don’t let any enemy come near to your Fort. Checkout our Ultimate Fort Defense Guide.

4x Fortnite Pro Tips for the Late Game:

  • Make Use of all Surroundings on the Map:

    Whenever your player will reach the final safe zone, instantly take cover – use buildings, trees, or stones as a shield.Use the Map Surroundings in Fortnite Battle RoyaleNote: Do not go for a place which has no exit points, find a Fortnite escaping & rushing guide here.

  • What to Do when the Storm is at the Peak:

    In some cases, some enemies are good campers and it is hard to drag them out.Fortnite Storm PeakBuild your fort right in the middle of the storm’s eye and make it as high as you can. The one who uses this technique first, has a 80% chance to win the match.

  • How to Counter Enemies in the End Game:

    If your enemy has already reached the safe zone center and placed a Fort, don’t panic.Counter Enemies in FortniteHide your presence and go for the foundation of the Fort – once the foundation is destroyed the enemy will die due to the fall damage.

  • Play with a Team & Smash the End Game:

    Solo gaming is fun but playing with a team can provide you with multiple advantages:
    One of them is the late game advantage, team up with your friends and reach the final safe zone before the enemies reach it. Spread and surround the area from all sides – do not expose your presence until the enemy is in a proper range.Play with a good teamYou can add some traps as well or some diversions which can confuse and also panic the enemy. If something went wrong do not forget to revive your friend! 😉

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