Using Windows to Escape and Enter in Fortnite Battle Royale

Escaping and Rushing in Fortnite Battle Royale has to be one of your #1 skills.

Let’s jump into this quick Fortnite Escaping Guide!

In Fortnite windows in buildings provide a lot of advantages:
If you are in hurry, windows can save your life – wait what, how? Windows have many advantages and we will discuss them in detail!

In Which Battle Royale Situations Can A Window Save Lifes?

Windows help a lot in scouting an area as well as you can cover yourself.
But except that you can also use them for escaping or entering into a building, sometimes there are situations in which the enemy is chasing you so to get rid of enemy you can directly jump through a window instead of looking for a door:Fornite entering through WindowsYou can also use this technique to surprise your enemies, because most of the time enemies are hiding behind doors! Jump from a window and eliminate them – Let me guide you that how you can jump through a window and how you can use it in multiple ways.

Important Basics:

Step By Step Guide How to go through a Window in Fortnite:

  • If an enemy is chasing you or you are in a hurry, then before jumping through a window, you have to make sure that the window is big enough.
  • If you want to properly jump down a window or into a window, then you have to build a roof at the base first. If the window is low, there is no need of it, but most of the times windows are build on higher areas.
  • If you are a Fortnite beginner, build a roof near to the window it will support you to jump in or out easily. It will also help you in passing through small windows you just have to crouch and move.
  • Entering into a building through a window is not a problem, but before jumping through a window keep the height of the building in mind: If you think you are too high, build stairs instantly after jumping through the window!

How to Use Fortnite Windows Tactically to Eliminate Enemies:

Fortnite Hide Behind DoorsUsing the rushing tactic in Fortnite, can bring you easy kills for your statistics! Most of the time you may have seen that enemies are hiding behind the entrance door of a building. So, to tackle and eliminate those enemies, enter through windows and surprise them!

Or if you see an enemy entering the same building you are in and you decide to fight, then I have a simple Fortnite trick for you: Find your nearest window and jump through it, then go around them and shoot them in the back!Place Traps in Fortnite HousesIf you want to eliminate your enemies with style then setup Fortnite Traps:
Enter into a building place a trap near the door. Or, if enemies are chasing you add a trap in a room and jump through the nearest window.

Then you will hear there last voices for sure! xD

I hope you enjoyed the quick tips, let’s move on to the next Fortnite skill guides.

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