How To Be The #1 Killer In Fortnite Battle Royale?

Every Fortnite player has its own goals.

Some play for the Battle pass, some for Victory Royale, some for cool Fortnite skins and at the end those who only play to become the number 1 killer in the game.

These type of players only play for kills and fun, Victory Royale does not matter to them.

In this guide, we are going to discuss how a player can be the number 1 killer in Fortnite.

Effective Tips to Become the Number 1 Killer in Fortnite:

To achieve that goal, absorb the following tips and tricks!

Aggressive play is definitely the main goal of this guide, but before playing aggressive a player has to keep some crucial things in mind:

Focus on the following critical points and turn the Battlefield into a bloodbath. xo

Where Should you Land to Get a lot of Kills?

In one of our previous landing guides and in the Fortnite pro map zoning guide, we discussed, which landing areas are safe and which are crowded. If you haven’t read them yet, kindly overview them before going through this guide.Land in crowded areasIf the main goal of a player in Fortnite is to kill, then it’s obvious to start in crowded areas.

A large number of enemies in an area makes the environment intense and leads to a thrilling early game!

Why Landing Faster than your Enemies will Boost your Kill Count in Fortnite Battle Royale:

If eliminating enemies is the main purpose, weapons and loot make a significant difference.
Land faster for quick lootIf the landing zone is decided, then it’s required to land as fast as possible, because if the enemy has landed before you, then the chances of survival are very low.
To get a pro in landing fast take a look here.

Grab all the good weapons before your enemy does and burn them down easily: These are safe early kills which will boost you into the Fortnite Top 3 statistics right after the start.

Which Item Loadout & Fortnite Equipment is the Best for making Kills?

To eliminate an enemy, good weapon loadouts are essential. With the help of landing fast, this need can be fulfilled easily:
In the early game, try to go for the mid and long-range weapons and avoid filling your slots with bombs and other useless items. Only go for the weapons, healing and shielding items.Fortnite offensive loadoutWhich type of weapon you should choose:
Hunting Rifle Fortnite WeaponIf killing (and fun) is your goal, then pick weapons that have fast reloading time and good accuracy.

To play aggressively these two requirements are necessary for weapons. The Hunter Rifle is the perfect example.
In our weapons guide, we have briefly discussed almost every weapon in detail – select the best weapons according to your skills.

How to Behave in the Mid Game to Stay Alive and Increase your Kill Count:

If you have found the Hunter Rifle, then you are going to be invulnerable for sure – if you have good aiming and movement skills.

Whenever your player is open areas, try to equip the Hunter Rifle or any other good rifle.

In open areas, enemy player are exposed – now it’s your time to shine! 😀

Shooting down enemies from a long distance will make them cry. 😉

Surviving is Essential to reach the Top 3 in the Kill Count:

Becoming the number 1 killer in Fortnite Battle Royale does not mean, to play without thinking or focus on weapons – and kill whatever comes in your way. No, Offensive play is necessary, BUT you have to focus on your defense as well. Build while you ShootOtherwise, enemy players will easily take you out…
Grab build resources while hunting and also concentrate on your movement. Jump as much as you can and build structures whenever an enemy attacks you.

Many are playing in teams – if you try to eliminate one of them without any defense, the others will hunt you for sure. Note: Whenever you encounter a squad, always care for your protection, before you start the fight! 😉

Kills you Still Should Avoid:

Do not get into battles near to incoming storm. Some battles consume pretty much time – if the storm is near then avoid these type of fights and just run towards the safe zone.Things to avoid in Fortnite Battle RoyaleAt that time never forget to build while enemies shoot at you or seem to go for you soon.

Always Remember: An Enemy is Your Best Loot Resource

Playing aggressive has one remarkable advantage: It saves time!Kill Fortnite Enemies to get more LootYou don’t have to explore a lot for loots and other items because whenever you kill an enemy, take all of the tasty loot! xo The more enemies you get, the more resources and loot can be equipped, which will make you even stronger!

Bait the Aggro on Purpose:

Some players love to camp – to take out campers, you have to create some scene.
It is a risky technique, only use it if you have fast reflexes and a good set of skills.

Start shooting randomly and then wait, it will ping your location to the nearby enemies, who will try to reach you for sure.

If they do try, then kill them instantly and take the loot. xD If you are well prepared, counter attacks can burst enemies down quickly!

I hope all these tips will boost your gameplay in Fortnite Battle Royale matches!
Keep one thing in mind most of the tips are risky – adopt them if your main goal is to become the number 1 killer.

Find the next fighting and shooting Fortnite lessons here.

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