Halloween in Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2018 with Deadfire Skin

Happy Halloween people! 😀
Fortnitemares entered the game and comes with spooky features! xo

Fortnitemares Halloween 2018 with a new Battle Royale glider and Cube Monster Challenges:

Not long ago Epic Games relased the Fortnite 6.10 Patchnotes and now comes Fortnitemares! xo
Fortnitemares has new updates for Battle Royale and Save the World: The darkness is coming and we have to face new monsters!
New Features:

  • The Deadfire skin is a reactive Fortnite skin which changes the form while you play. Llama-tastic
  • The Dark Engine Glider spooky
  • The Six Shooter & Fiend Hunter Crossbow
  • Awesome Halloween content in Battle Royale & Save the World!

Fortnite Halloween Trailer from Epic Games:

Fortnitemares Battle Royale Halloween Event

Fortnitemares Battle Royale Halloween

The Battle Royale Fortnite mode “Fortnitemares” is an extra ingame Halloween event that offers to get more loot!
The Fortnitemares Cube Monsters cross your way! To eliminate them, all Fortnite players are able to use the new weapons like the Six Shooter or the Fiend Hunter Crossbow!
To get fresh and tasty loot bring down the Cube fiends and Fragments while you still fight against the enemy players in the Battle Royale mode!

Fornite Weapons:
This is the Fortnitemares weapon Six Shooter:
Fortnite Weapon Six Shooter
Here is the Fortnitemares weapon Fiend Hunter Crossbow:
Fortnite Weapoin Fiend Hunter Crossbow

Fornite Deadfire Halloween Skin:
The Fornite Halloween event 2018 skin called Deadfire is a reactive skin, that means it changes while you play!
It shows the ingame progress, the skin has two styles based on the damage dealt and also depending on how long you live! The Deadfire skin also comes with the Shackled Stone Back Bling and with the Dark Shard Pickaxe (also reactive cosmetics).
This is the new Fortnite Halloween Skin Deadfire:
Fortnite Halloween Deadfire Skin

Fortnitemares Shackled Stone Back Bling:
Fortnite Shackled Stone Back Bling

Fortnitemares Dark Shard Pickaxe:
Fortnite Dark Shard Pickaxe

Fortnite Free Challenges:
Fortnitemares has a new free challenge, everytime you complete the next step, a new comsmetic item is unlocked!
The challenges are getting updated frequently, granting new rewards!

The first challenges are already out:

  • First of all, destroy the Cube Monsters on your way!
  • Use the Assault Rifles or Pistols and deal damage to Cube Monsters.
  • Search for the corrupted area and enter it in different matches.
  • Funmoves: Dance at different Gargoyles!

Completing the final set of challenges in Fortnitemares gives you the Dark Engine Glider:
Fortnite Dark Engine Glider

Fortnitemares Save the World Halloween Event

Fortnitemares Halloween Save the WorldIn Fortnite Save the World the Hexsylvania returned, a spooky area full of quests and new fancy rewards!

Fortnite Halloween Currency “Candy”
The event currency of Fortnitemares is Candy:
Fortnitemares Currency Candy

Play Fortnitemares Save the World alone or with friends and complete all challenges and various questlines!

  • Meet Brainiac Jonesy & Skull Ranger Ramirez!
  • Get to know all Fortnitemares Heroes, containing old and also new ones.
  • The Rat Rod Weapon Set with the new Rat King assault rifle.
  • Find surprising new features and enjoy the fresh new content! dia

Now find some spooooky Halloween Llamas!!! lama 😀

Do you like the Fortnite Deadfire skin?

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Llama-tastic xD xD

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need that Deadfire Outfit