Fortnite Patch Notes 6.10 – Fortnite Tournaments & Quadcrasher

Whoop Whoop! 😀 lama The Llama is reporting BREAKING NEWS! lama 😀
Patch 6.10 for Fortnite is OUT and LIVE!

On the 16. October of 2018, Epic Games released the Fortnite Patch 6.10 to the live servers with a huge update!
Let’s find out what is new for Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World?

1. Fortnite Patch 6.10 Main Changes

Fortnite 6.10 Patch ChangelogHere are the Fortnite Patch 6.10 main changes:

  • Fornite bug & performance optimization, XBOX sound improvements.
  • Known Issues: There are still many known issues, Epic Games invites all users to report any problems or ideas via the new fortnite trello board.

Battle Royale:

  • New Vehicle: The Quadcrasher (a two-seat battle car) awesome
  • Fornite Competition: You can now play ingame Tournaments via events llama-tastic

Save the World:

  • Fresh content: Beta Storms are now available for a limited time (as a test).
  • New weapon: Gravedigger oh yes
  • New weapon: Rat King heavy stuff man

2. Battle Royale Patch 6.10 Changes

Battle Royale 6.10 Patch NotesBattle Royale Gameplay Update:

  • The Controller settings have bee improved a lot: You can not setup Combat & Build Control seperately.
  • It is possible to build faster now with the Builder Pro.
  • The Emoter picker now works on button release, holding the button sends the latest emote again.
  • Several Bug fixes (Fortnite trap damage, slight movement while taking consumables now, falling out of a vehicle could does not cause stucked players aynmore, some glider bugs have been fixed).

The new Fortnite Quadcrasher Vehicle for Battle Royale

Here comes the new Vehicle: The Quadcrasher! 😀

  • The Quadcrasher has two seats:
    Quadcrasher Vehicle
  • You build boost just by driving. When the boost meter is full, you can unleash the speed.
  • Smash other players in the air!
  • While boosting it is possible to smash trough buildings, get very high by boosting on ramps and cliffs:

Fortnite Tournaments Competition for Battle Royale

Just click on the new Events tab and find different Fortnite competitions and tournaments. These competition are accessible for all players, you can join tournaments directly or view the tournament plan.
The good thing about tournaments is, that every player starts with equal footing and conditions:

Give your best, eleminate as much opponents as possible while you are in the competition.
The winner brings home the golden Fortnite tournament pin! crown

The Fortnite Disco Domination game mode for Battle Royale

What on earth is the Disco Domination mode? xD
IT IS A DANCE OFF BATTLE! 😀 The game mode is a timed king of the hill mode.
Join the spawning dance floors on the Battle Royale island, clear the enemies and dance to get a disco ball!
The team that captures the dance floors and defends them long enough wins the match! 😀

Changes: All common weapons have been removed, all bandage spawns reduced to 50%, higher percentage to spawn near side storm circles and to reach the dance floors faster! yeah

The Fortnite mobile version 6.10 got some Battle Royale Updates

  • Fortnite performance upgrade for older Android versions (7 and older).
  • Optimizations for iOS devices for a better memory usage.
  • On mobile the picked up weapon will now be auto equiped, thats nice!
  • The Fortnite mobile HUD layout tool now allows to move all UI HUD elements!
  • Bug fixes: Drag & drop on the quickbar no longer selects the dragged object. This can now be done while doing other actions. Several more Fortnite mobile bug fixes.

Rest of the Battle Royale Changes in Patch 6.10

Weapons & Items

  • Port-a-Fortress disabled: Epic Games has to change bigger things, the drop rate should help to complete challenges in a better way.
  • Several bug fixes: The Guided Missile will not fire into the wront direction anymore, it is not possible anymore to attach to a supply drop permanently when grappling to it. Shotgun reload fix & weapon equip animation fixes while sprinting.

Performance Optimization & Replay System

  • Fortnite Performance update: Weapon replication optimizations, CPU performance optimizations for a smoother gameplay & multithreading enabled.
  • The Replay system had several bugs which have been fixed: The first replay can be selected now, the nameplate distance slider works fine again and the firing guided missiles camera waypoints work better now.

Sound & Audio

  • If you get a Vicory Royale it will now play the selected celebrate style!
  • Gliding sound issues have been adjusted.
  • Better in-air sound options (you can hear better now from where grenades come from).
  • The sound now better allocates the distance of an explosion.
  • Bug fixes: Cube ambient sound fixes, eplosion interuption sound fixes, emote music fixes

Art, Animation & UI

  • Fortnite art & animation: Cosmetic items that can change ingame are now marked as Reactive Items.
  • Fortnite UI fixes: Touch isses for the controller mapping screen on switch fixes, reticle is now hidden if you skydive, on-screen map and inventory input display fixes.
  • Important: Resource buttons no longer cancel the auto-run.

3. Save the World Patch 6.10 Changes

Save the World 6.10 PatchnotesFortnite Save the World gameplay fixes: The player character models no longer remain in-game when quitting a mission and players no longer lose abilities when respawning. Enemies: Riot Husky not triggers traps. bling

So, what’s new in Save the World? dia

Save the World Beta Storms Mission

Fortnite presents a new type of mission alerts: The Beta Storms which are a playground for even more features! 😀
The beta storms give the game the possibility to make experiments and to test new game modes and features.
The limited time mission alerts will only stay for a few weeks, so be fast and join them (On Fortnite Patch 6.20 this mode will be removed). lama

Fortnite Save the World Mission Update 6.10

Save the World – Power Level Restrictions:
The minumum power ratings in Fortnite missions are now connceted to party privacy settings:
“Public” means the lowest power rating in your party will determine which missions you can play.
“Private” or “Friends Only” means that the group leader power rating will be used to play.
The reason for this is to create a better and fair gameplay for all players. Low and high rated players can only play easy missions on public missions, but still can play any mission with friends in a private group.
Here is a table:

Recommended Power RatingMinimum Power Rating (Normal Mission)Minimum Power Rating (Group Mission)

Save the World – Reward Point Rebalincing:
The new Fortnite reward points granted by mission are now based on the mission complexity! That means that high level missions and treasuere chests are much harder to achieve. The overall points got increased to make it possible for everyone to achieve points.

Save the World – Mission fixes:
Portraits of special quests are now using the right zone difficulty, some invisible models are not visible now.
The mega alerts can incude the nature element modifier now, some isses with mission types and rewards have been fixed.

Fortnite Patch 6.10 new Weapons and Items

New Fortnite weapon available in the Weekly Store:
The Rat King Assault Rifle is a semi automatic slug rifle with powerful rounds (for mid range)! bling
Fortnite Rat King Weapon

The second new weapon in the Weekly Store:
The Grave Digger Assault Rifle, a spooky halloween assault rifle with medium ammo and different usage options. It gains damage and impact for the cost of accuracy & fire rate. A Fortnite Haloween gift for the community! 😀
Fortnite Gravedigger Weapon

  • Mythic Lead Survivors got dupe prevention now. If a Llama rolls a Mythic Lead Survivor it will be a present that you do not have yet (inventory/collection book).
  • The player jump pads need no comsume space anymore.
  • Lead Sled now keeps attacking if you hold the button.
  • Bug fixes: Some craft times have been adjusted for the Hacksaw, Grave Digger, Ground Pounder, Whisper .45, Specter, Silenced Specter & Lynx.

Rest of the Save the World 6.10 Patch Notes:


Some game crashes have been fixed, caused by projectiles and a Fortnite XBOX game crahs fix caused by the particle system.
If you select a defender for a Defender Pad it will not lead to an instant hitch.

Selecting a Defender for a Defender Pad no longer causes a hitch on the first attempt.
Bug Fixes
Fixed crash caused by projectiles while loading into a zone.
Fixed a crash on Xbox related to particle systems.


Bug fixes:
The tail of the Dragon’s Trail is visible now. The lefty and righty weapon usage is now more the same.
Tooltip adjustments & stucked players fixes (when hitting a Smasher or a Riot Husky with Bull Rush).

Audio & UI

Save the World UI fixes: Gamepad button fixes, the collection book context menu will not close alone anymore and the card pack counter is displayed correct now.

New sound for entering and exiting the storms and a countdown music.
Fixed some audio issues in the main menu when receiving awards and a teleport sound bug.

4. Patch 6.10 Fortnite Opinion – Good or Not?

Fortnite Patch 6.10 OpinionWhat do you think about the patch? lama
In my opinion it is incredibly awesome to see how much things Epic Games is implementing into Fortnite that the community has requested.

This makes Fortnite to the most community based game on the market! The Fortnite team is really trying to solve the problems of the player base and to give them exactly what they want. This makes Epic Games and Fortnite to modern and also leads to a very successful game with loyal users!
The Vehicle and the new weapons are great and the game improvements are entertaining and satisfying!

What do you think, do you like what the Fortnite Team is creating?

How good is Fortnite Patch 6.10? lama

Fortnite 6.10 What is newOpinion about the Fortnite Battle Royale Update

Find all Fortnite Patchnotes here.

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