Fortnite Beginner Building Guide to take the High Ground

Welcome to our next Level 3 Fortnite Building guide: To really earn the Victory Royale, optimize your Fortnite high ground skills!

High ground has too many advantages to skip it: It helps you to scout the area, eliminate enemies with the help of snipers, enhances aiming skills, it gets difficult for the enemy to hit you and many more. In this guide, I am going to teach you how effective high ground is in Fortnite and how you can use multiple building structures to avail high ground advantages.

Taking the high ground is an essential ability and game mechanic, so kindly take it seriously, otherwise you would not stand for long in the game.

1. You have to know the benefits of High Ground in Fortnite:

  • Efficient Way To Scout:
    When you are on high ground it’s easy for you to scout vast areas.
    This scouting of the area helps you in multiple ways, you easily get the next moves of your enemies, you can place traps for them, but if you want to have more fun then hide behind an object or lay down and scare your enemy with a sniper or you can directly eliminate the enemy. It depends on you.Benefit from the height in Fortnite
  • Enhances Aiming Skills:
    The high ground gives you an aiming advantage as well because it is easier for you to shoot low, the lower the angle the more advantage you will receive in Fortnite.

    If you want to have more fun and luckily got a rocket launcher or grenade launcher then try to scare your enemies. 😀 Frankly speaking, I have done it many times, first I scare my enemies with launchers and when they panic and start running then I hit them with a rifle or sniper.

  • Enemy Disadvantage:
    Lower angles provide you with an aiming advantage but on the other hand, it’s a disadvantage for the enemy because shooting on a higher angle is a lot more difficult and most of the time enemies will have poor aiming.

2. Fortnite Methods how to take the high ground fast:

To play the high ground card, you don’t have to find mountains or huge building. Build your own high grounds! With the help of building structures, you can easily reach high ground yourself. At any place and any time, especially during a fight, it helps a lot! crown

Now, I am going to guide you step by step, how to reach the high ground easily. Creating high ground has few methods but I am going to teach you the most efficient ones.

The Fortnite Corner Method:

Fortnite Corner MethodFirst of all, we will move towards the Fortnite corner method. Let’s have a look on how to do this and the advantages and disadvantages as well.

  • To start, create two walls as the base of your building. But keep in mind that the shape of the wall should be in an inverted L shape, otherwise you would not be able to build it properly.
  • The second step is to jump and create a wall on the left wall. This wall will help building your first floor.
  • Now repeat the above to steps again and again. Repeat it until you get your desired height. To reach a pretty good height, practice these steps over and over again, to master this building technique and getting superfast.

Let’s move towards the advantage and disadvantage of the corner method.
Advantages of the Corner Method:
As you have read, the above steps are pretty easy. So, for the beginners, this method is helpful. It’s less complicated compared to other methods.
Disadvantages of the Corner Method:
You may have seen in the above image, that this method is pretty open from behind. So, there are many chances of attacks from behind and you cannot hide anywhere. This method can save you from attacks from the front, left and right. If you want to add some walls then it depends on you!

The Fortnite R Building Method:

Fortnite Building R MethodThe second method is the Fortnite R building. Let’s see if it’s more efficient than the corner method.

  • To start, create a base. To create a base for this method, build a wall and then build a stair on top of it. If something went wrong you can hide below the stair.
  • The second step is a bit difficult you need some practice to perform it perfectly:
    You have to jump up and place the floor below you as you can see in the picture above. Then add a wall in front of you, it will protect you from upcoming attacks.
  • The third step is going to be very easy, because you just have to repeat the previous two steps. Repeat it until you get your desired height. The larger you will make it the more materials it will consume.

Let’s move towards the advantage and disadvantage of the R method.
Advantages of the R Method:
If you have less or limited resources then I prefer you to build the Fortnite R structure because it consumes fewer resources than the corner method.

Disadvantages of the R Method:
This structure is way more open than the corner method. You have to save yourself from three sides.

Tips and Tricks for taking the Highground in Fortnite:

Here are 3 more tips to consider, to get even better Fortnite building skills!
If you want to build faster in Fortnite, this guide is perfect for you.

A Three-Story Building: Always try to go for a three-story building, because in some situations you have to jump from the structure. If you have built a three-story building then you would never face fall damage.
Fortnite Three Story Building

Different Materials: Every material has its own advantage so use different materials while building a structure. It will also increase the health of your structure.You can use different Fortnite materials

Even expand the used resources. To save yourself for a long time from enemy attacks, then build multiple layers of wall and surround yourself with walls it will keep your defense strong.Build multiple Fortnite Wall Layers

Move on to the next Fortnite building lesson here.

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